A homeschoolers guide to independent learning that

builds motivation, confidence, happiness and focus.


More important than what to learn is HOW to learn.

The project space course teaches the powerful mindset strategies young people need to live and learn at their best. Improved memory, the courage to take risks and connecting with their inner-strengths - all build confidence and a peak state of performance, ready to take on the world.


After 20 years in and around education, I've seen it a thousand times - young people who have the mental toolkit to do whatever they choose - and absolutely NO idea who they are or where to start the journey of self-discovery. Project Space will help your child connect with who they are, understand how the academic concepts they are learning fit into the bigger picture of life and experience the thrill of presenting their work to an audience of community members.


At Project Space your child will be given personal academic coaching in any area they choose by a qualified and experienced tutor.

Much of the academic requirements for homeschooling will be covered by the project but if you want some extra support in an area causing trouble OR you think your child has exceptional interest/potential to excel then we have the capacity to give them the support and guidance they need.


Homeschooling can be tough.

Young people crave connection and support - so we have structured this program to include a rich team-building element where students are connected with their peers and mentors who can support them on their learning journey. 

Project Based Learning is the BEST way to ignite a students's passion and motivation - which in turn switches on the learning centres in their brain.

In this course your child will be guided, step-by-step through the delight-directed process of creating a passion-based project.


If you know your child has special qualities to offer the world and you know the school system is not teaching them what they need to know to be a successful person, then...

Project Space is for YOU.

  • Your child will be excited to learn - because the program, THEIR program will be structured around their own personal interest area

  • A program specialist will map learning activities to the curriculum and provide all you need for NESA registration*

  • Your child will learn the mindset strategies for becoming happier, more motivated, more confident and more focused on learning through the 'Dangerous Minds' program.

  • Get personalised academic support for a fraction of the cost of hiring a tutor.

  • Get proven templates and guides to be successful in project based learning

  • Get connected with like-minded families and friends

  • Give your child the opportunity to be recognised and to celebrate their success

* contact us directly for more information if you are not yet registered for homeschooling and would like additional support to develop your program


WHERE: Port macquarie Youth Hub, Horton St, Port Macquarie

WHEN: Starting February 4th, 8am - 12pm every Monday during school term.

WHO: Project Space is designed for students aged 10-17 years.

Being old enough to have your own email address is an advantage.

STAFF: Andrew is the program facilitator. You can read more about Andrew's experience as an educator and life coach here.

PRICE: $35/week (when paid by the term) or $50/week casual rate

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