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Why I'm scrapping the UNLOCK program

For a long time now, I've been pretty proud of the suite of programs I offer.

They've been a nice cross-section of lifestyle design solutions at price points that make working with a life coach something that most people could consider.

That's important to me. I know what it's like when finances are tough and I hate the idea of someone feeling lost and without purpose when I KNOW that I could help them, and it's only money standing in the way.

OR someone having a super-exciting vision to change something, to start a business or a charity, to impact the future in a powerful way, and yet not having the resources to get it started.

That's why I liked the UNLOCK program - it gave clients a 5 session boost into a happier, more purposeful and deliberate lifestyle at a price that worked out at around $15 a week! (if they spread it over 12 months).

Crazy, right!

But honestly, I feel that the last few times I've run clients through this program we stop a few sessions short of where they REALLY want to be. They've just gotten a taste of the process and are getting into the flow of genuine lifestyle change... and then we stop - the sessions run out. The lifestyle design strategy document gets rushed and there's no time at the end for accountability and habit-building.

So, after much thought, I've decided to scrap it.

What these client are REALLY after is what I'm offering in the MAXIMISE package.

● A heart-felt sense of identity

● Clarity of purpose

● A positive vision for the future and a thoughtfully designed strategy to make it happen

● Mindset Training

● Coaching and accountability - guidance in the tough times

● And habits that bear fruit for a lifetime

And if they can't see the value in an extra $15/week over 12 months (not to mention the lifetime value of how these lifestyle changes will compound into the future) then perhaps they are not the right clients to be working with?


Could you be one of my 'right' clients?

Do you think that living life on purpose, becoming happier and more productive in the process is worth an extra $15/week?

Do you have a big idea or goal that has been nagging at you for a long time, but you've never found the 'right' time to get it started?

I'd love to connect.



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