Redesign Your Future

Welcome to the FREE introductory training: “REDESIGN YOUR FUTURE” -

I’m Andrew Lord, Lifestyle Designer at Blueprint Life Coaching and I am so glad that you have made the step to download this training and are taking the time to listen. This shows me 2 things – 2 reasons why YOU are going to succeed while others around you are likely to flounder and stall:

1) FIRSTLY; You believe that there is MORE for you! No one downloads an audio training called REDESIGN YOUR FUTURE, unless there is a genuine belief that what you are currently experiencing is not yet enough – and I don’t mean in an ungrateful way, I’m sure that you can recognise all the blessings that you have and all the good things that are already going on for you right now – but despite all that, there is still that nagging sense that you are called to DO and BE something greater than you are right now.

One of my favourite quotes is by Eric Thomas – and he says: “In order to be successful, you must be ready, at any moment, to sacrifice what you ARE for what you will BECOME! – And I believe, my friend, - that is YOU

2) And the other reason I know you are going to find success is that you are an action-taker. Downloading the audio is great. As I said, it shows a desire for more, but there are plenty of people who WANT more but who don’t go onto achieve their dreams because they simply fail to take action. I will talk later about how the design process is all about bringing a concept, a dream or an idea into reality – it really is an amazing thing that sets us apart from every other creature on this planet, but for now I just want to recognise that in YOU. YOU took the action step of plugging in your ear phones, hitting play, and here we are – starting a journey together that CAN change your life!

And so, for those 2, very big reasons, I want to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for having the vision, the hope and the courage to want more for your life AND thank you for already taking some action on your dreams by investing your time wisely and joining me on this audio training program – I KNOW the principles I will share is going to make a difference for you in the same way it has made a difference in MY life and the life of my clients.

OK – before we go too much further, I’ll just want give you a little bit of background on where I have come from, so you have a bit of an idea where I’ve come from, how I operate and why I do what I do;

I trained as an Industrial Designer back in the mid-90s and took on projects whenever I could that I felt were going to make a difference in the world – I had (and still have) a strong faith that shapes everything I do and so I wanted to make the world a better place – the problem I found as a Designer, was that often projects were being driven by big business and numbers rather than people. So whilst I believed design was all about helping people live better, richer, more sustainable, more rewarding lives – I often found myself being directed by profit margins and other people’s selfish interests – which is not what I am all about.

I’ve got no problem with people making money – in fact that is often what I help people do, but it has to be sustainable, it has to be for the right reasons and it has to be win/win for everyone involved.

I have a gift for helping people get a deeper connection with their core passions and designing products and systems around this so that they can share their passion with others – to put it simply; I love to help people who help people! And I love to help those people get MORE of whatever matters most to them!

So early 2000 I made the switch and began teaching ethical design and technology in high schools. Whilst I was working in education, my passion for creating change for the better never left me – in act it began to multiply and grow! I got SO excited by this work – young people are incredible! They have so much untapped potential bouncing around inside them and I found it a priviledge to work with that each day!

I began implementing new initiatives to bring out the best in evry single one of them and to cut a long story short, I started to have a big impact in the education space, especially in the area of Aboriginal Education. I won a number of awards and I was promoted to executive level quite quickly.

Like I said, I LOVE helping people and so while I was working to redesign high school learning experience, I also started a number of businesses aimed at supporting people follow their passions and live richer and more rewarding lifestyles – one of these was through health and organic produce and the other was a gifts business where I would market heartfelt and handmade products online.

That was all great but whilst I was making a big impact on students and their love of learning, and my clients and their passion for creating, I was also regularly upsetting the power-brokers in the school. Other Head Teachers and anyone else who felt strongly that education should remain teacher-centred and teacher-controlled felt very uncomfortable with what I was introducing.

At the same time my family was growing fairly quickly. I think by this time we’d had all of our 5 children (which was an awesome learning experience which I can talk about another time) but it all was becoming a big ‘heavy’ I felt that I was losing my edge and even though I knew I was helping LOTS of people; I also knew that I wasn’t being the best of me in the process.

When I was on a holiday with my family, I read a book called The Magic of Thinking Big – by David Schwartz. And it just spoke directly to where I was at. I knew that my impact was going to be limited whilst ever I remained a pawn in the education system and so I took on a student mentoring position (which essentially was a demotion but it felt absolutely AWESOME!) and I retrained myself as a Life & Business Coach.

I have been Life & Business Coaching officially now since 2015, but I recognise that this is what I’ve always been doing! – It doesn’t matter whether I am redesign education models or supporting people to design and create their own products, or mentoring students to become the best version of themselves, - I have been helping people discover their heart-passion and DESIGN THEIR LIFE around whatever matters most to THEM!

That is what I am good at and it’s what I LOVE to do. And that is what we are going to do together today!

So enough about me – let’s get to YOU!

Now, when you visited my website to download this training, hopefully you also came across the Lifestyle Design Quiz – that quiz will generate for you a free, customised report which outlines:

- Your signature strength – which is 1 of 5 different strength types I’ll go through in a minute

- AND it would have determined your focus for growth. 1 of 5 different areas of life that matter most to you right now – an area where you would like to see change.

- And when you got this report, there was a few extra questions to help you refine exactly what you want to get out of the – and so, the reason I am bringing this up now is that the SENTENCE or the STATEMENT that you came up with at the end of this report – THAT is the starting point for thi