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I still felt I had more to contribute

When I first signed up for Blueprint Life Coaching I was apprehensive about how it could help me. I was at a crossroad in my life with multiple competing commitments (work, family, sport/ fitness, future aspirations and time for myself), which were all getting on top of me. I was finding it hard to navigate a way through the immediate mess and to help unlock my full potential.

Prior to signing up with Andrew in early 2018, I was already motivated to improve myself and had already made good inroads into this endeavour. Some of this included learning about mindfulness, life-coaching techniques and success building. I had also made a series of lifestyle changes for the better.

I still felt I had more to contribute.

Andrew managed to untangle my internal fog through a series of sessions that (amongst much more) helped me clarify my goals for my future; prioritise my core values; set into practice daily habits which have honestly made a huge difference to me. The actual act of financially committing to a program specifically designed to take time out and focus on me was also a highly motivating and valuable process.

It is now July 2018, less than 6 months since I undertook this investment in myself.

Where I am at:

  • I now find work enjoyable when I was previously contemplating giving it up. I now feel I have so much more to offer in my job and have subsequently been offered many more opportunities within my work environment.

  • I prioritise and LOVE my time with my family where before I was finding it hard to find any time for those who I value the most.

  • I have just completed my first marathon (6 months ahead of my initial goal).

  • I have started projects aimed at providing a passive income in the future when previously I was too scared to commit.

  • I feel highly optimistic about my direction and my future.

I would highly recommend Blueprint Life Coaching to anyone who is motivated to make positive steps towards a successful, happy and fulfilling life.

Thank you Andrew!

Dr. Tim Platt,

Port Macquarie.


Tim was an amazing client.

100% committed to achieve his happiness and create a life that he and his family could be proud of.

He is now well on the way to achieving his goals.

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