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Promoting Health & Wellbeing - with Jules

July 18, 2022

So much of who we are shapes the work that we do.

That's the key message that came out of this insightful interview with one of Port Macquarie's leading Health & Wellness advocates - Julie Jamieson (aka Jules) - the Community Engagement Coordinator for Headspace Port Macquarie.

Hear the inside story of how Jules first stepped into public life as a model, featuring in high-profile publications like Marie Clare and Cosmopolitan magazine - but not enamored by her own success, she took it all in her stride, travelling the globe, and remaining continually curious and hungry to learn.

She now brings this appreciation for diversity into her role at Headspace, developing all sorts of different programs for young people that promote mental health and wellbeing.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Headspace Port Macquarie

>> Yoga with Jules


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