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At What Cost?

January 17, 2022

I honestly thought that I would be kicking off 2022 with a different episode.

There is so much going on behind the scenes here, getting ready for a new year of transforming lives. Blueprint Life Coaching's Youth programs have finally branched off and become their own entity - Blueprint Education Solutions - if you're a parent, educator or youth coach, I highly recommend that you check that out.

But TODAY we're catching up with SJ (Sean) Stark from Contrast Media who has been working tirelessly to tell the many untold stories of the pandemic crisis that are still reverberating through our community.

I WISH, so badly, that we could just leave 2020/2021 behind, but the impacts are still so real. Lives and livelihoods have been devasted - and most of the victims are suffering in silence. Mainstream media is unwilling to risk telling these stories because,

1) They are making money from covid. They don't want to risk killing the golden goose! Newsmedia is part of an industry built on fear, and a pandemic is a gift not to be wasted! The newsmedia knows all too well the role they must play in perpetuating the cycle. Research shows that we all have a negativity bias in our brains - we believe and expect 'bad news' about 5 times as much as we believe and expect 'good news'. You'll see about the same ratio of negative to positive news stories every evening on your television at 6 o'clock - a carefully curated selection designed to echo the perception of reality that is hardwired into our biology. This is not an accident. Nor is it reality.

2) And Secondly, in this sort of climate, asking simple questions can easily be misconstrued as disention, rebellion, and even treason! A barage of confusing oxy-moronic slogans have begun to flow freely. Phrases like, "we need to stay apart to stay together". Dismayingly these are being swallowed en-mass by the general public.

But there are others who continue to raise questions.

SJ is one of those. A brave individual, willing stand up, tell the untold stories, and ask the question - "At What Cost?"

This conversation with SJ is based on the premise that governments ARE doing the best they can with the resources that they have available. It does NOT suppose that there is some maligned agenda driving the idiocy behind some of the inherent contradictions embeded in the restrictions and mandates - however it DOES ask the question - at what cost? What sort of society do we want to be, and, are the measures that are being put in place promoting that sort of society? Or are they pulling it apart?

Podcast highlights:

• [3:40] There are a whole heap of different emotions that come up for me doing this documentary. A whole heap of sadness. A little bit of anger. Devastation. Businesses destroyed.

• [5:05] For the past 20-30 years I've been a war journalist. Iraq. Afganistan. Hong Kong. I've seen stuff that people shouldn't see. It's hard to talk about.

• [7:05] I want people to think critically.

• [7:40] We talk to people who have been on the front line. Senior Constable Roland Castil simply asked for senior officers for evidence that the vaccination is safe. They could not provide this, and yet he has lost his job becuase he did not want to get it.

• [9:00] Andrew said: 'Governments are doing the best they can with the resources they have available.' SJ agreed. "I've seen a lot worse, but we need to continue to allow people to ask the government questions. People must retain their sovereign choices. When people loose their jobs based on exercising their free choice - that's a real concern."

• [12:05] Bullying based on vaccine choice is a very real thing. Kids being ostracised - mandated by govenments and enforced by school teachers, ending in suicide. These are very real stories that are not being told.

• [13:30] The mainstream media are not telling these stories.

• [18:00] Just finished the Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku - there are a lot of similarities between the social challenges we are facing now and the 'Great Solution' - people dobbing in neighbours, mandates that enforce a two-tier society, people being fined for showing care to their neighbours, violent law enforcement, and more.

• [20:30] We crave human interaction. Locking people up does not lead to a healthier society.


"Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle."

- Charles Glassman


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