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One family's epic health journey and the importance of freedom to make our own health choices

November 22, 2021

Today, we are speaking with Bruce Thompson who has been on an epic health journey finding health for his son, Ori, learning all about the brain and gut connection and why it is vitally important that individuals be allowed to make the personal health choices that are right for them.

Ori's story is one of redemption. From severely autistic, constantly ill, immunocompromised, and always distressed, Ori has slowly but surely made consistent positive progress and is now a healthy, happy child with no sickness at all. He is still diagnosed on the autism spectrum, but has come ahead leaps and bounds since the Thompson family began to rethink their approach to health.

It was an uphill battle. They were repeatedly told by mainstream medical professionals to just learn to live with it. There is no hope. But thankfully there were other wise voices in their world and through them, Bruce and his wife Nurit discovered a new way of looking at health.

Theirs an incredible story, but I know it's not a one-off case. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of children and adults who have faced similar challenges. I want to share this with you today because right now, I have friends and colleagues who are being bullied by their employer, the NSW government. They are teachers and nurses being threatened with termination if they choose not to participate in Australia's biggest clinical drug trial. They want to reserve their right to refuse this medical treatment without threat of repercussion, and I firmly believe they should do what they can to preserve this right. This blog is simply doing what I can to help them be heard.

If you find yourself feeling unheard, oppressed, and you want to break free from a system that has lost its way - I can help you. 6 years ago I embarked on my own journey of personal development and lifestyle design, and now I help others to do the same!

For the next few weeks I'm opening up my calendar and taking calls for people who want to turn catastrophe into opportunity. I can show you how. There IS hope for your future and there's a lot that we can do together!

Let's listen to Ori's story...

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Podcast highlights:

  • [01:54] Autism is a very complex journey. As first-time parents, we didn't know everything and we just trusted the authorities. It feels horrible to see your child in distress. For 2 years, we were in the hospital every 2-3 weeks roughly with the same thing.

  • [07:58] 'Kids just get sick': Doctor kept saying this, but we were really concerned that his physical and neurological health are declining. He wasn't talking, connecting. It was shattering. Pedia diagnosed he's autistic and said we should just get used to it.

  • [09:52] We were told, there's no hope. But we did research and found a specialist. A sister who is a nurse recommended an integrative health doctor. He examined everything about my son especially the gut.

  • [13:57] Opening a pandora's box of health information: We finally understood what's going on in our child's health. The doctor explained about the brain and gut connection, his gut and brain inflammation has been there since birth but aggravated by the toxins layering the gut and absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • [15:43] We haven't been doing the research we're supposed to be doing because we were so lost in sickness. We felt completely lost.

  • [16:49] Gluten and dairy-free diet, purified water, targeted supplementation, removed toxic chemicals. The microbiome is shared by the family. It was a lifestyle change. It takes a long time to detoxify a poisoned body. At 3 and a half, our son started talking.

  • [19:17] GAPS Diet: It was hard but we saw a huge leap in our son's neurological focus and solidified stools (which is crucial for gut issues).

  • [21:08] This has cost us a fortune. But it was all worth it. It was not a cure for autism, but fixing the gut and brain for your autistic child will get his health so much better.

  • [25:26] I believe in choice. Do your research. My health is my responsibility.


"If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive."

- Brene Brown


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