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Marketing & Making an Impact

November 1, 2021

Today, we’re chatting with a very talented and impact-driven friend of mine.

Meet Josh Moses, marketing manager for Häuslein Tiny House Co in Port Macquarie. They are an amazing business doing great things but Josh's journey has been so much bigger than that.

His migrant roots exemplify the values of hard-work, dedication and building something from nothing. His parents instilled in Josh a love of learning and always giving your best, but also an altruistic nature of always finding a way to give back to others who have less than you.

With his parents and brother high-achievers in business, medicine and the military, Josh considers himself the black sheep of the family. He is a creative. He has found his niche in marketing and story-telling through media, but also has an insatiable love of learning, moving from industry to industry, always changing, always growing.

I first met Josh at the Luminosity Youth Summit. Back then, I didn’t realize how much we had in common and I've been glad to get to know him a little more over the years. Both he and his wife Tammy are genuinely inspirational people.

Let's catch up with Josh now...

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Podcast highlights:

  • [9:10] Throw yourself at something at anything at any volunteer opportunity that comes about, because it's going to yield good results. If you give your time or invest your time into benefiting the life of someone else, the dividends will come.

  • [10:47 ] But after being a father of two, and going through this pandemic, I’d say focus on tangible impact. Make it something feasible so that it's not a one-time interaction. Make it realistic so that you can volunteer and create a long impact rather than short and abrupt.

  • [12:52] You didn't have to jump on a plane and travel far to make an impact. It's changing your perspective on what we consider a worthwhile provision of time and effort because both of them are just as necessary.

  • [14:18] I wasn't a scholar, a smart academic, but when I applied myself, I smashed it and I didn't find it difficult because I found it enjoyable. With marketing, the products or services that we engage with are based on our choice. That should be more represented throughout education. We should engage with what we want to learn. There is base knowledge that is necessary, but certainly, you shouldn't stop learning. And you should dive deeper into what you're passionate about.

  • [17:58] The trend of tiny homes is so hot at the moment. Trend meets lifestyle. There are enough people out there searching for an alternative. My role is to steer them into what that alternative means in terms of what we offer and what we do differently than the large number of tiny house companies that are sprouting up.

  • [19:47] I first listened to the customer. One of the first things that I do with anyone who's interested in our tiny houses is ascertaining what their base of knowledge is, and what their needs are. Marketing's role is to distill that information and meet the person where they're at. It's my job to then funnel them down into choosing something that suits their needs.

  • [21:55] My 2012 self would have defined success as understanding what I want to achieve in life in terms of personal development and executing on that. But the 2021 version of me as a father and a husband, success would probably be more leaning towards the concept of a legacy—the sense of values and tradition that I pass on to my children. A career framework that allows me to spend time with my kids in an early stage of development of their life, that allows them to understand who I am as a person.


"You can't use up creativity.

The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou


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