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Scaling your impact with systems

October 11, 2021

Oh boy, I'm excited for this episode today. Dave is the GURU of systems here in Australia and his book was described by Michael Gerber (yes, THE Michael Gerber - author of the E-Myth) as the "implementation guide for the E-Myth".

Do I really need to say more?

Dave tells an incredible story about how he met Michael and how the systems he had already set up in his own business allowed him to take advantage of an amazing opportunity that came his way, and how it continues to free him to spend time with his family, build his business and pursue the things that matter most in his world. Sound like something you could do with some more of?

Time is our most precious resource. If someone told you how you could create more of it in your life by freeing yourself up from the day to day activities that take up a lot but achieve very little in terms of big-impact - then I think you should listen up!

That's what I did.

Listening to Dave was a lot of fun. His journey and story were really incredible. He’s one of those perfect examples of having to have the awareness and perspective to be able to see the opportunities around us and creating the space and freedom to grab it.

If you want to get a better perspective on your own life, I highly encourage you to go and take the Lifestyle Design Quiz and get a free, customised report outlining your strength profile and focus for growth. It will also give you some coaching questions to help you get clear on what it is that you want and how to take smart actions to get there.

Want to create more time to do what matters most to you AND create greater impact in your daily work? Time to hear from the systems master…

Podcast highlights:

  • [3:31] Birth of Systemology: For 13 years, I was stuck in the operations of my business doing a lot of the work mainly just because I knew how to do it. I built the business from the ground up but I always knew that systems and processes were important. System Hub got developed as a software platform for our own needs internally—to free up time for people and make sure our team was consistent.

  • [5:09] A lot of the benefits of systemization only happen after you persist with it for a long period of time—a cumulative effect. Remember that you are changing the culture of the business.

  • [11:53] In systems, there's never one and done. It's actually a cultural shift. It's a way of thinking of the team. They don't come at all shiny, fancy perfected, optimized, and ready to go. The process doesn’t stop.

  • [15:40] One of the common misconceptions is that systems remove creativity in a business. But you actually create space for them to be able to think and do better quality work.

  • [21:49] System for Writing a Book: I always find it easier to just deliver it. I go on recorded workshops. I find it infinitely easier to work from a document with 50,000 words than trying to start off with a blank page. We usually spend a lot of time focusing on the writing component and getting it done thinking that’s it. But once it's written, the next half is the marketing component, which is time-consuming.

  • [24:42] Connecting with Michael Gerber: It's one of those magical journeys that felt like the universe opened itself up. I volunteered because it would be an honor to be able to work with Michael and I was able to do it because my business has been self-running with systems in place. It was a dream project.

  • [32:00] The biggest wins are those things that you can't plan for but were able to because you have the space to be able to go.


"You can't use up creativity.

The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Systemology

>> SystemHub >> Lifestyle Design Quiz


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