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Deciphering the FlowCode

September 13, 2021

In every crisis - there is also an opportunity!

If there has ever been a season for 'building inwardly' - then this is it.

In many parts of NSW, people are still in lockdown and economic and mental stress is prolific - but TWO things have not changed:

1) You are called to greatness. You were born for a purpose. Sure, the 'how to' may need to pivot - but the why is as real as ever. You have a mission to fulfill.

2) Achieving your mission requires that you embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. To achieve your big dreams will require becoming the best version of you.

Today on The Blueprint, we're talking with a man who has done just that.

Dave Florence is sharing with us all about The Flowcode. Dave has been on an inspiring journey—documented on his Youtube channel - the Evolution of Dave. His story is an amazing source of strength and motivation - especially in stressful times like these.

His wake-up moment and quest for new habits started in 2017 with a knock on the head. He decided he wanted to become a better version of himself. He wanted to be a better father, a better husband, a better human being. Dave did a lot of research and discovered the positive benefits of cold therapy and breathwork. He is now midway through his master's certification as a clinical hypnotherapist. He practices NLP, is also a qualified SOMA breath instructor, and helps his clients as a flow coach and ambassador.

In this episode, we're about to learn about his story, the FlowCode, and some simple practices recommended by Dave that you can put in place to get more of this peak state in your life.

Let's get into the podcast...

Podcast highlights:

  • [5:33] I needed something to shock me out of my system. I needed a state changer. The cold water made me feel better. It felt like I was kind of cleansing myself of my sins.

  • [9:13] The Wim Hof method: Effectively forced hyperventilating like in pranayama breathing and high-altitude training. Activates some of the body's natural abilities to heal, and create energy.

  • [12:19] Breathwork: When you build a tolerance to higher levels of carbon dioxide, the increase in CO2 correlates with your ability to deal with higher levels of stress. Increased CO2 has a calming effect on the brain in the body.

  • [13:46] Cold Therapy: Retrains the body to burn white fat and find a fuel source in something that you don't want in your body anyway. Boosts your immune system. The exhilarating feeling (not only from the cold), a molecule is sent around the body that is also an immune booster.

  • [17:45] The practices in the Flow Code allow us to develop and activate an inner pharmacy that enables the body's healing process.

  • [19:04] Flow is where everything in your life is going the way you want it to, becomes more fluid, flexible and you react to things accordingly rather than irrational.

  • [19:57] In FlowCode, you create a roadmap to developing a flow personality. And by doing FlowCode practices on a daily basis, you experience flow state moments regularly. Flow state experience is where everything is instinctive. It is NOT unobtainable.

  • [22:37] You are the pilot of the plane that is the body. And so like what a pilot would do, do pre-flight and in-flight checks—on your breath, your movement, how you interact with nature and humans.

  • [24:58] Techniques and practices that you perform on a daily basis will encourage more flow in your life. It's the small, achievable building blocks. We are social beings. We need to interact with others. Do the practices that are natural to us humans.

  • [27:03] Key Practice: Start your day right by applying a moment of clarity and discipline from the moment you wake up.

  • [28:26] Habit Stacking Method: Rather than pairing your new habit with a particular time and location, you pair it with a current habit.

  • [29:30] There are so many brilliant things that can change your life. But the real question is how you associate yourself with doing those things.


"Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

- Jim Rohn


Links mentioned in this episode:

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