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If you dream it, you can do it!

September 6, 2021

Today, we've reached a special milestone - episode 70!

And to celebrate I've invited an old friend in for a chat - someone whose acheivements you could only describe as 'Aaaaaamazing!'. A guy I've wanted to get on the podcast since it first began - my dear friend, a brilliant teacher, life-adventurer and education innovator—Lloyd Godson.

This guy is an inspiration to me and I'm proud to know him.

He has worked and studied all over the world and has a string of recognitions and awards including the Guinness World of Records for generating the most human power by human underwater. He created the first-ever self-sustaining underwater habitat. He has been nominated the Australian Geographic Adventurer of the year, and he is the winner of the Australian Geographic $50,000 Live Your Dream Wildest Adventure competition.

He's been featured on television multiple times and won numerous teaching awards, but most of all, Lloyd is a warm, kind, and big-thinking dreamer with a passion to live life to the full and to expand his impact through education. He's the perfect fit to join us here on the Blueprint!

On this episode, Lloyd and I dig deeper into what's possible with design thinking - speaking of which, RIGHT NOW the doors to Project Space are open! If you'd like to best position your child to succeed in the dynamic world of the 21st century through a holistic innovative project based learning program - then NOW is the time to jump on board! This week I'm doing one last webinar—5 Ways to Engage Your Kids and Prime them to Learn and Succeed, no matter the circumstances. - not only will this give you some great insights for enaging your child, but we also give away a whole bunch of free material (over $1000 worth) for those who decide to come on this Project Based adventure with us. Be sure to check it out.

But for now, let’s talk with Lloyd...

Podcast highlights:

  • [04:03] Lloyd grew up as a small-town kid—but always been creative and a dreamer.

  • [05:39] Leading an authentic life with all that passion was able to persuade people to change minds. When I made up my mind to do something, my child-like passion is like an infection that transcends to other people and that's how I get them on board.

  • [09:00] Journey to Education: Seeing teachers doing something incredible with their students by getting involved in a project made me interested in education.

  • [10:40] The qualifications are not what makes me a better educator. The lived experiences, and the interaction with teachers around the world are what make me the teacher that I am today.

  • [11:52] The Nature School: Born from the vision and passion of three local environmentalists and educators – Lloyd Godson, Sybil Juzwiak Doyle, and Jodie Feeney – who saw a need for children and their families to spend more time in nature.

  • [17:33] Every person stepping out of the box and ruffling some feathers along the way of living an authentic is going to experience some form of resistance. Focus on your goal and the positive things. Do it for yourself and for your own reasons; do not do it just to please everyone.

  • [21:32] Celebrate the small successes along the way. As long as you're continuing to grow, kick the positive feeling going. Take your time because these things take a lot of hard work. You just have to believe it's possible from the very beginning.

  • [23:55] Be authentic in what you're doing and why you're doing it. Make sure it's for the right reasons.

  • [24:32] Success is being in a place that I would consider my lottery position rather than being in just cruise control and not really striving for anything.

  • [30:52] What's next: Unicycle across Tasmania with my son. Develop work on educating students and teachers around the circular economy. Start some programs on social entrepreneurship.


"Be authentic in what you're doing and why you're doing it. Do it for yourself and for your own reasons."

- Lloyd Godson


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