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The Elephant in the Room - Unpacking the often ignored health impacts of Covid restrictions

August 23, 2021

This is going to be controversial.

I'm hoping that this podcast will provoke a respectful, positive, and constructive conversation about the situation we are facing.

The Blueprint is about success. It's about how to live an abundant life and how do we use education effectively to scale that for many - essentially how do we help more people live life to the full? For months now, I've been sharing resources, stories, coaching, interviews with amazing people and whatever else I can to help this cause - and for the most part, I've avoided the 'elephant in the room'.

I've avoided speaking directly to the Covid crisis because 1) there are actually positive outcomes that we can find in the midst of this debacle. There are relationships that we wouldn't have otherwise made and opportunities that would not otherwise exist - and so I wanted to bring those to the surface. And 2) because what we focus on, we magnify - and I don't ever want to be a part of the problem. There is so much fear mongering going on in the media and in the government already. I want to avoid that space.

I have successfully avoided it for quite some time - but not today.

Today we're talking about how you can empower yourself - even in the midst an exagerated government fear campaign.

I had no idea, when I recorded this podcast that the whole state was about to go into an unannouced lockdown. As I write this, we have ZERO cases right now, here on the Mid-North Coast, but because there are a few cases popping up in other areas of regional NSW - Gladys Berejiklian has hit the panic button.

Many would argue that this is no surprise. That this is right on queue if you believe there is a bigger agenda afoot. I'm not going there. Hidden agendas are a rabit hole I don't want to get pulled into right now. I want this conversation to be about the simple (but profoundly important) issue of what we are doing to ourselves as a society by accepting the mandates to wear masks and not address the real enemy that we are facing - FEAR.

I am a frontline worker. Not of the Covid crisis, but of the mental health crisis. I take calls often from people doing life very tough.

In 2020, there were more than 3000 deaths by suicide in Australia - many of these young people - and it rarely made the news. Meanwhile, Covid case numbers were just counted in 10s and sometimes 100s and we heard it every single day.

Watch out for the free Positive Action Guide that I mention on this episode which summarises the episode and all the actions that you can all take today—hopefully, towards a more enlightened, positive, and forward-looking community working together for a healthier and happier future.

Let's start this conversation...

Podcast highlights:

  • [09:38] Masks: Our breath is one of the most fundamental elements of good health. Having access to good quality air is a basic human right. Wearing a surgical mask (for long periods of time) impinges on this right.

  • [11:15] NSW has not recorded one case of community transmission that has taken place outside. Surgical masks worn for long periods of time have been shown to increase the likelihood of bacterial infections around the mouth and respiratory tract.

  • [12:05] During the Spanish flu pandemic, the biggest killer in Australia was bacterial pneumonia. Not wearing a mask PROPERLY can actually be more dangerous than wearing a mask at all.

  • [14:10] This policy is not about health; it's about political correctness—like having a badge on your face that says, 'Yes, I comply'.

  • [15:04] Brett Sutton, Victorian medical chief: 1 in 5 of doctors conducting endoscopic exams have discarded their masks deeming them as unnecessary and 1 in 5 stated that tradition is the only reason for wearing them.

  • [16:00] When we wear masks, we're gradually losing our ability to empathize with other people. Works through synaptic pruning. 70-93% of our communication comes from non-verbal. When we can't see the cues, we can't mirror them and we can't feel what other people feel.

  • [18:59] We have disconnected ourselves from the world with a small piece of cloth that covers our face. Social interaction is scientifically proven to reduce mental illness and our general wellbeing. When you are able to maintain social distance, there's zero net benefit to wearing a mask.

  • [20:06] While we also want to be part of the tribe (social cohesion), it's important is to stay connected to each other - even by having these difficult conversations.

  • [21:12] We need to empower ourselves - know what our situation is, the best way to handle it, and be promoting dialogue. One of the key ways to do that is to take your masks off.

  • [22:29] Easiest way to get a mask exemption is to use a Statutory Declaration. (see link below)

  • [23:34] The real goal: optimal health and wellbeing for all of us. We're on the same page but we have different opinions on how to achieve that. Multiple perspectives is good if we learn and listen respectfully and lovingly to each other.

  • [25:17] Oxytocin vs Cortisol: Stress in the short term can promote health for us, but in the long term, it kills us. Only one of oxytocin or cortisol can bond with our receptor at any one time.

  • [27:49] Natural Negativity Bias: To become a happy and healthy individual and society, we need to promote love, connection and belonging. We need to stop the 'us and them' mentality.

  • [28:31] The real enemy is FEAR. As a society, there's a lot more at stake if we succumb to fear than from people getting sick due to Covid19.

  • [29:41] Are we really fighting death right now? Death is a reality of life. We're always fighting death. 99.97% of people who contracted Covid didn't die. Covid and death are not synonymous.

  • [33:08] Our society is in the fight of its life for freedom and human rights. They're under attack from fear.

  • [35:42] There are actions that you can take: Have a conversation about masks. Seek a statutory declaration to NOT wear a mask. Smile at people. Spread love.


"The purest form of truth is that divine part of yourself that has existed before your earthly life began. If you can tune into that - you will never lose the path."

- Andrew Lord


Links mentioned in this episode:

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>> Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic

>> Body Language

>> AdvocateMe - use this for Stat Dec template

>> Australia Influenza Report

>> Warning to Pay Attention

>> Coronavirus at a glance 2021

>> COVID-19 deaths by age group and sex

>> 70% of Australian COVID deaths had pre-existing conditions

>> Odds of Dying

>> Mental Health Statistics

>> Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak


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