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Brand Solved - Asking the right questions with Jason Knight

August 9, 2021

Today we're welcoming back Jason Knight - a communication specialist who joined us in episodes 21 and 22 and helped us unpack how the education world can use the climate of drastic global change to its advantage - but today, we're shifting gears and learning all about his fresh new approach to branding strategy!

If you're a thought leader in the business or the education space, wanting to build authority and/or attract more clients or followers to your message (or perhaps it's a goal of yours for the future) then you are not going to want to miss out on a moment of Jason's smart new approach to authority building.

In the corporate space, Jason runs Moved by Design, a successful strategic communications business helping companies deliver consistent messaging both internally for their staff and externally to the marketplace.

Jason has built up a highly successful portfolio in the corporate space but has systematically dismantled all the highly polished, 'less-human' elements that don't resonate in the coaching, education and personal development spaces and has created: "Brand Solved"

So for all you heart-inspired coaches, educators and entrepreneurs who want to increase cut-through and authority in your niche - let's get into this podcast!

Podcast highlights:

  • [05:00} It's less about the look and the logo. Brand Solved three-step approach focuses on creating authority—place of trust at the top of the triangle.

  • [05:39] Main problems in branding: Confused clients. Curse of knowledge - communicating at a thesis level.

  • [09:52] Being really present in the social media: Laser-focus vs Thin. Focus on the conversations and engagement. Put a couple of little snacks on a few different social media platforms and then go all-in on one regularly. Avoid being on everything but absent from everything as well.

  • [12:56] Breaking free from mislabels: If you don't tell the world who you are, they will brand you for you. Put a banner above your head.

  • [14:23] Create a visual pathway for your brand. Think about your content like a news article - with a headline, image, first paragraph, and so on.

  • [17:28] Authority vs Brand

  • [19:19] How to zoom out: Incorporate end-goal keywords and empathize with the pain points of your clients.

  • [21:17] Success in this sense of education is about understanding that I'm a knowledge translator and sharing my little steps, aha-moments along my journey that people can follow. Being able to be a coach rather than a teacher.

  • [25:29] Entrepreneurs are trendy.


"Your focus determines your reality."

- George Lucas


Links mentioned in this episode:

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