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Living Better than 7 with Nick Bourke

July 12, 2021

Today's episode is celebrating a story of resilience, integrity and finding meaning in the pursuit of something greater than yourself.

Nick is an everyday hero. From hitting the rock-bottom, rising up again with mindfulness and intention and bravely sharing that journey with others, Nick is a quintessential example of what it means to unlock his Blueprint.

I'm sure a lot of you will relate to Nick. Not only does his story include some painfully common themes, but he's also one of the most genuine, authentic and honest blokes you'd ever hope to come across. This comes out in everything he does including his new venture 'Better Than 7' - a resource website and podcast designed to help others live, well, better than just '7'

Nick is a former client and now a friend who has worked with me in the Launch Your Passion Project course and then, more recently one on one in my MX04 Coaching program. I've seen him work hard to get the results he wants, and now, it's just so rewarding to witness how Nick is having a ripple effect on other people.

If you're finding yourself feeling 'one-dimensional', Nick has worked hard to put together resources to help you fast-track your journey to a more fulfilling life. He is building a community of people wanting to go through a self-reflective process just like he did which you can find on his new website.

After the conversation with Nick, I thought his 'score yourself' check in process was golden and I wanted to share it with you. It's a technique we use in a lot of the Blueprint programs and so I have put together a FREE DOWNLOAD - the 30-Day Self-Assessment Check Sheet

which includes a very simple but powerful 4 week reflection on the 6 lifestyle domains plus personal development which undergirds them all. Be sure to get your copy!

Now, let's hear Nick's story...

The, Launch Your Passion Project course — the first course Nick ever took with me — is on again. It's 100% subsidised by the NSW government for NSW residents and can help you reach your next big goal in the next 12 weeks! Be sure to check it out!

Podcast highlights:

  • [01:42] What was growing up like: School was more of a social outlet. Went into hotel management and traveled the world but realized it wasn't for me. went to teaching English, then animals and brought to the zoo industry.

  • [04:48] My life became one-dimensional. Work became the center of my life but felt in my body that I was on the wrong path. I lost who I was. When I started counseling and journaling, I found my love for writing. Found a lot of inspiring resources and started a lifestyle change.

  • [09:19] Sometimes you make changes but you don't see any instant reward for it. But you just gotta wait for it to kick in. And once it does, take the momentum and keep persisting with it.

  • [11:04] I knew I need help to get going. I need someone to hold me accountable and that's why I sought life coaching.

  • [12:45] The Better Than 7: If we score our life out of 10, people would usually say seven but it's actually arbitrary. I've always felt lucky and optimistic, but the reality is that if you're not aiming for something, you're not gonna hit it.

  • [15:18] Comedy and laughing kept me afloat. It has always been a part of zookeeping but it was when I hit rock-bottom that I got the courage to actually try comedy. Stepping into that space taught me I could never die from trying.

  • [17:58] Better Than 7 Podcast: About the 7 Pillars of Life - Personal growth, finance, family, friends, career, contribution, and love. Sharing tools and resources about how we can improve ourselves.

  • [21:04] Music is another way to connect with each other. It helped me get up and get moving again.


"Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better."

- Jim Rohn


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> 30-Day Self-Assessment Check Sheet

>> Better Than 7

>> Launch Your Passion Project

>> MX04 Coaching Series


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