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Education that interrupts human trafficking - Every Daughter Matters

June 28, 2021

Today's episode is a very personal one for me.

We're chatting with Ross Nancarrow - a fellow coach whom Sofia and I have worked with together to improve our connection with one another. He's a man I now call a friend.

He's also a mentor to many other leaders around Australia, but what he calls his true mission is his ministry organisation: Every Daughter Matters.

Every Daughter Matters partners with teams in India and Nepal to stop or reduce the trafficking of young women into the sex trade. Their work is an inspiring example of how education can be used to have a powerful impact on the lives of others.

The work is simple, but profoundly effective. Ross helps to train teams who position themselves at key checkpoints on the borders and spots potential trafficking incidents and intervenes with awareness, education and support to save young girls lives before they are lost to a life of misery, abuse, slavery and prostitution.

Ross and his team work tirelessly to expand the reach of the work of Every Daughter Matters. and they have recently acheived tax deductable gift recipient status here in Australia. Supporting them is a way YOU can join in their success story and help to change lives for girls in Nepal! I urge you to support this cause.

Let's hear from Ross...

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Here's the highlights:

  • [02:45] From New Tribes Mission to India and Nepal. We heard about the stories of trafficking and wanted to do something. It started as support to the mission and to support Nepalis standing on the border and stopping human trafficking.

  • [04:46] The Problem: Many Nepali girls are without education, inequality within the country, easy money for traffickers. Many of the traffickers are also women because girls trust them more.

  • [06:10] The Problem in Australia: Big picture problem lies in the government's attitude and approach to prostitution. Western nations' legalization or tolerance to prostitution opens the doors for traffickers.

  • [08:33] Personally, I look at success in terms of congruence with who I am, in having peace with myself, with God, and with other people. Without these as foundations, I don't feel that our efforts, regardless of what we think we achieve, are actually going to make a big difference. What's the point of being the richest guy if you're not happy, and you don't have peace with your soul, with God, or the people around you.

  • [09:38] Success for the mission in Nepal: Giving options and choices to people who do not have it, and many times who do not have a voice for themselves, so that they can make a choice.

  • [12:19] Every Daughter Matters: Educating and breaking the poverty cycle. Instilling to girls their value and intrinsic human rights, helping them understand their identity. Giving them a sense of dignity and hope that they can make choices in life.

  • [16:23] An opportunity to help: Donate, support the mission and get tax deductions.

  • [19:57] Self-care while in the mission: This is where I find my congruence is challenged. Make sure to have personal space - time out, devotional time. Surround yourself with people that can hold you accountable, and ask you the hard questions.


"You have a calling.

Learn to hear it and life will forever make sense."

- Andrew Lord


Links mentioned in this episode:

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>> The Lifestyle Design Quiz


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