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Genius Learning with Changemaker Mum, Heidi Conway - Part 2

June 23, 2021

This is part two of our episode with Heidi Conway!

We had a blast last episode as we went through Heidi's background and how she become an authority in the home education space.

We've been talking about trends in Australian education. And if you want to get a deeper understanding of those trends, go back and listen to Episode 48 where I share the content of the presentation I made at the Australian Homeschooling Summit. And I've got some free downloads for you there!

Today, we're picking up on our conversation with Heidi, and we're going to look at trends in education. We'll also dive into the model that Heidi uses to maximize her own homeschool experience, both for herself and others. Let's hear her unpack the genius profiles, how they work and how they can help you understand yourself and your children.

Let's get back into the podcast...

Here's the highlights:

  • [02:22] Education Revolution: The content that we learn at school will be outdated or irrelevant in five or ten years' time. Education's power is teaching us how to think, our mindset, sense of identity, ability to formulate problem-solving techniques and strategies to overcome life's challenges.

  • [03:42] The Genius Program: Creating an individualized pathway. Starts with discovery masterclass - how to identify who you actually are and finding out your genius profile and your energies.

  • [04:44] It's like I finally got permission to be who I am.

  • [06:42] Genius Camps: Finding your passions and reason for being. Introduces the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn about other profiles and work in a team.

  • [09:31] 10 Keys to Global Change: Key #2 is the success equation = clear vision + intelligent, holistic action + support.

  • [13:39] Nurture the mother (and fathers) and ensure that she can hold the space for her herself and her teen kids as they do have their eyes, ears, and hearts open. Sometimes we say that and we home-educate because we want them to be all that they can be and to be free, but there are various levels of freedom.

  • [15:39] Establish your passion, ignite your genius inside and change the world.


"Clarity comes from engagement, not thought."

- Marie Forleo


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Young Entrepreneur Academy

>> Genius Profile Test

>> Episode 048 How we can better prepare our kids for the future

>> The Australian Homeschool Summit

>> Most Likely To Succeed Documentary

>> Homeschool Help

>> Summit Bonuses - for a limted time!

>> The Lifestyle Design Quiz


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