Genius Learning with Changemaker Mum, Heidi Conway - Part 1

June 21, 2021

Today, we have the pleasure of gleaning from the experience of Changemaker Mum, Heidi Conway.

Even while earning a six-figure salary and a career in the corporate world, Heidi had always been open to MORE. So when she received that phone call—that probably many of us got at some point—from her expensive private school that her boys were disengaged, one wasn't focusing well, and the other wasn't writing, she knew she had to do something.

Taking a good look at what success looks like for her, Heidi made the big decision: she opted to leave her corporate career and to home-educate her young boys.

Seven months into building confidence, resilience, and willingness to learn, a whole new world of home education has opened up and now she has combined her passion for coaching with all that she's discovered for her boys through a new form of education called genius learning.

Heidi and I have crossed paths a number of times in the homeschooling world and the coaching world and we have a lot in common with the amazing work she's been doing with Changemaker Teens and Changemaker Mums. It's been great to get to catch up with heidi, especially coming off the back an international homeschooling conference in the UK.

This episode has been split in 2 parts - you're about to hear Part 1. I also encourage you to check out Episode 048. It's super-packed with amazing resources and content for everyone in the home education space and those who want to explore homeschooling.

Here's the highlights:

  • [05:27] From Environmental Studies to Coaching: There's got to be more to us than flesh and bone. I was always open to more.

  • [09:53] We don't have to necessarily know exactly what we're meant to be doing in the long term. But if we start taking action and moving in the right direction, clarity starts to come.

  • [10:58] Becoming a Homeschooling Coach: You don't have to know straightaway what you're doing and just follow the path. We tried to do what they thought the reason for them being here with eyes, ears, and heart open.

  • [13:34] An article from Forbes: Working in the field of your passion is probably the worst career advice. Be aware of what is igniting us and what doesn't.

  • [17:04] The UK Homeschool Summit: Like a face-to-face conference but in an app. Talked about home education in different parts of the world. A lot of talks about the political side of home education and what's happening in the future, post-pandemic.

  • [22:21] Changes in Home Education: I just follow my guidance and spirit. We need to help kids and parents feel that it's okay and guide them in the right way.

  • [24:18] There will be a percentage of people wanting to make sure they are in control and what is happening in the usual pathway of higher education. Education and schools are business. Some are pivoting into hybrid learning.

"Clarity comes from engagement, not thought."

- Marie Forleo