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5 ways to reflect, celebrate and lock in your success

June 14, 2021

It’s our 60th!

This episode is a special milestone for the team here at The Blueprint and we're excited to share it with you!

THANK YOU! for being a part of this journey with me. I feel truly blessed to have an amazing community of like-minded people around me, people who refuse to settle for ordinary and who want to live life to the full. This podcast has explored a lot of different ideas and perspectives about how we see success and how we can scale that through education. It's such a vast topic and in future episodes we will be refining even more onto the 'crative process' and 'impact through education' - but today, we just want to celebrate the journey and say thank you for being a part of the process.

So, I guess that it's appropriate that today's theme is 'Reflection and Celebration'

This is an area I haven't always done well.

I tend to love setting new goals and targets and often I forget to pause, reflect and recognise what I have achieved. This has worked for me in some ways, but if you want to bring others with you, if you want to build a family or team, (and even for your own benefit) then you NEED to take some time to celebrate the positives and the wins along the way.

Join me as we unpack FIVE WAYS to reflect and celebrate your success!

Let's get into the podcast...

Here's the highlights:

  • [04:00] I also have struggled in this phase of celebration. I learned through the years that it is important to pause for a moment to reflect and celebrate to maximize learning and motivation in going to the next phase of your life. Success is built not just in one day, but slowly.

  • [05:01] Ways to Reflect and Celebrate #1: Oww-Wow Brain. From Todd Herman's 90-Day Year Program, the Oww-Brain see the current results and compare them with the goal, demotivating the person. Improvement of the Wow-Brain measures by looking at how far you have come inspiring ourselves with the growth we had achieved. It counters the traditional goal-setting psychology that tells us to keep looking ahead.

  • [08:24] Ways to Reflect and Celebrate #2: Plus-Minus-Interesting. The "Plus" is when we see the positive. It gives gratitude for what we had achieved and the great things we had experience along the way. The "Minus" is looking at the negative to find flaws to learn from. Always start with the plus (positive), make sure you see your growth first then move to the negative as a way to improve yourself from your shortcomings. The interesting allows us to find the interesting things along our journey, focusing on those that give more power to reflecting on new ideas.

  • [12:23] Ways to Reflect and Celebrate #3: Share the win. Struggle shared is a struggle halved, and joy shared is a joy doubled. It is important to share your win with your support, the people who you work with, helped you, for, in a way, they also earned it with you. You can celebrate your achievements with them but also celebrate the journey, recognize the efforts. Recognizing that there was a struggle makes the victory so much sweeter.

  • [15:48] Ways to Reflect and Celebrate #4: Share with an audience. Sharing your success with people is important, not just for yourself, but also for them. It can inspire them like a ripple effect. One person's achievement can influence others to grow.

  • [17:16] Ways to Reflect and Celebrate #5: Do something for yourself. The final and the best way to reflect and celebrate. It sounds self-indulgent but it also practices self-love, a form of kindness to yourself, and confirming the value that you have.


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

- Jim Rohn


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