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From Heartbreak to Hope

May 31, 2021

Today, I'm so proud to be sharing with you another success story - someone who has been positively impacted by one of my coaching programs.

Welcome, Anne Ward. A recent graduate of the Launch Your Passion Project, she's been an amazingly successful woman in the music space - a musician, a performer for the Australian Opera ballet orchestra, she's got a Master's degree in music, and has been a lecturer of flute theory of music and composition for the Australian Institute of Music. She's also faced some incredible challenges and heartbreak along the way.

I just love Anne's can-do attitude and maturity of faith that has been refined in the crucible of trials and now, Anne proudly declares that her biggest success is being a proud home-educating mum of two amazing kids.

Anne really does have a clear vision of how she's called to help and its a simple model that we can all emulate. Faith - Family - Impact - in that order. Come and join us on the podcast as we hear all about the highs, the lows, the heartbreak and the hope of a woman determined to give her all...

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Here's the highlights:

  • [03:00] Fighting different battles as a kid and young adult: Battles about where you belong, of identity, of how you try to navigate life and get through things—these prepared Anne so much for life's struggles.

  • [03:50] Despite not having to live with her biological parents, life has been pretty good. But events around her husband and daughter have turned her life upside down so many times. But those were an adventure itself.

  • [06:20] A little bit of persistence, hope and a whole heap of praying do really change where you're at.

  • [07:01] As a young child, I didn't have the capabilities that I have as an older person. They say it takes 30 years before your brain could actually be fully grown. And back then, I couldn't understand why and the outcomes of why. But as I grew, I realized that it's a journey that we're on and it's not about why but about how do I navigate this road better.

  • [07:36] Loss, grief teaches you. And once you've healed from that, there's a purpose of that to move forward and to shine a light and support us to move through that phase. The inevitable reality of life is that this life ends.

  • [08:32] Working on belonging and identity through LYPP: When you're in alignment with your purpose, your gifts, talents, and how you use those really do create a strong foundation to move forward.

  • [09:48] Creative Process: Helps narrow down things and where is the smart play. Because a creative mind thinks like a hundred miles an hour. Sounds cliche but very true: First things first. One event is not the be-all, end-all; it's just a chapter of life.

  • [12:17] Dangerous Minds course: enables us to navigate together as a family the challenges and questions like 'how does one choose to apply the enormous information available right at our fingertips.'

  • [14:42] Success is about doing your best in this room, on this day at this time, in this space. Are you the best version that you can be today? It is about being able to be in a space that encourages others, that allows them to know that they have worth and that reminds them that each person has a purpose and value and asking them to step into that. Success is a fluid motion.

  • [16:40] We need to be very careful as to how we define ourselves, how we decide to use our values, and what types of pressures we allow to be placed on our environment.

  • [17:12] Inspiring Hope and Make a Difference Family Camps: respite camps for primary school kids. Camp message: Nobody can steal your memories, hope, and joy.


"If we got to design our own circumstance,

life would be boring."

- Alex Kendrick


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