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In or through? Understanding your relationship with time.

May 17, 2021

Time is precious.

Time is what our lives are made of.

We think of time as a immutable constant, but like most things in life, 'time' can be shaped by our perceptions. We don't all think about time in the same way. There are many different perspectives, but there are TWO key models of how people think about time. These 2 different perspectives lead to very different actions and therefore, very different results.

The 2 views are:

'In time' and 'Through time'

I'm not going to say too much about each, because in today's podcast I will ask you a few key questions to help you decide which one you are and how that affects your actions.

I will say this - you need both perspectives.

In-time helps you to get into the zone. It helps you to immerse yourself into the moment and thereby achieve greater focus and productivity, not to mention, more engagement and pleasure in your activities.

Through time helps you to see the bigger picture. To plan. To strategise. To think ahead and create a 'map' that you can take with you 'into the forest' so you don't get lost when things get dark and uncertain.

You know I love supporting people build big, impactful life-projects. In a project you NEED to be able to adopt BOTH of these perspectives.

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Here's the highlights:

  • [01:13] 'In time': you live in the moment; you think about the future as laid out in front of you and the past as something that's behind you. Both of those realities are vague because you are in the present. Benefit: You enjoy the richness of each moment.

  • [01:43] 'Through time' - you see the reality of your life laid out from left to right—the past is off to the left and future off to the tight; you love doing plans and manages time really well; the present is just out there in front but you are less likely to get into the flow state, as easy as in-time people. Benefit: You can strategize and think from beginning to end in a way that allows you to plan sequential steps to achieve a long-term goal.

  • [02:58] Two ways of looking at the world: (1) Hot air balloon perspective and (2) down in the forest perspective. It's difficult to hold these two perspectives at once, which is why working with a coach is valuable. Because we need both—to be in flow but also to have a strategy.

  • [04:49] Assess yourself: take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax. Think about where do you feel the events of the past are and where do you sense your future is.

  • [06:14] NLP are like apps for your brain, ways your brain works; if something isn't working well for you (in a particular situation), then you can change it. You don't have to stay stuck to the way you normally think.

  • [08:10] Project-based learning helps build the skills for both perspectives: start with a passion project - in time for the passion piece and through time for the project piece.


"Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

- Jim Rohn


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