A Quantum Leap - a sneak preview from my upcoming book

April 26, 2021

OK. I'm a little bit nervous about sharing today because I'm pulling back the curtain on my current passion project, and of course once you put it out there - you're accountable right?

I'm writing a book.

There. I said it. There's a natural resistance to undertaking ANY creative project, which I'm sure you'll hear more about in upcoming episodes (so make sure you SUBSCRIBE!) but today, I thought it would be fun to share just one chapter from the manuscript so far.

The framework of the book is similar to the MX90 coaching process.

We start with identity.

Unlock mindset.

Design a smart, aligned lifestyle strategy

Build successful habits

And then - next level - how do you have an impact? How do you share the breakthrough YOU'VE eperienced with friends, family and your community?

Pretty cool, right?

Now, as you probably know, one of the ways I've designed my life to have impact in recent years is through a fun youth coaching program called: Young Hero's Adventure Quest. It it we literally experience the Hero's Journey (you can learn more about the hero's Journey here) and kids learn their academic work, all whilst having fun, creating a great culture, and participating in outdoor adventure experiences... So, I thought, why not create one of these experiences as a part of the book?

Do you remember the Quantum Leap TV program? (late 80s early 90s) or maybe (more recently) Marvel's Antman and the Wasp? These series/movies give us a sci-fi insight into the very real science of the 'Quantum Realm'. In the Quantum realm time-travel, multiple universes or even changing outcomes with your thoughts/observation are all theoretically possible! Now we can't physically access the Quantum Realm like Sam Beckett or Scott Lang BUT we can use our imagination to dive deep into this place and think outside our usual frame of reference, and in doing so get some amamzing new insights into ourselves.

You're the hero of this episode. To get the most out of it, download this free IDENTITY checklist and use it for some self-reflection activity after listening. You can also sign up for an early-release copy of my book.

Let's have a little fun...

Here's the highlights:

  • [09:17] You must remember: It is not what you do that is important, but rather who you are. The qualities that come from the heart are what make you of service to your community.

  • [10:00] #1 The Blacksmiths – clever, inventive people. They can see their ideas in their mind and manage multiple projects all at once. Strong-minded and work hard.

  • [10:55] #2 The Wizards – kind and compassionate people. They help others see what others don't. They understand roles and how all things work together for the good and God's will.