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5 things to remember in a crisis

March 29, 2021

This podcast was put together in the midst of the March 2021 NSW flood crisis. No power, no internet - just my phone charged with my car and a reflection on what I've observed it takes to succeed in the midst of overwhelming obstacles.

There's no use me teaching about self-discovery, about developing a new mindset - or even systems or strategy at times like this - this is game day! This is the moment that all that other learning and personal development gets put to the test and we either rise to the challenge - or we don't.

In a strange way, I love these moments (hear me out) I'm not a sadistic person who likes to see suffering - far from it! My heart breaks for the people being tested right now. But I am also in awe of the strength, resilience, and unexpected heroism of the human spirit. It's something that as Australian's we've been proud of in the past - brought to the fore by the historical and natural adversities we've faced - but perhaps lost a little in recent times. We've got comfortable. These challenging times - although I wouldn't hope for them or wish them on anyone, still do provide the catalyst for developing the character we need to live our maximised life. This is true education. Real life.

Join me now on the podcast as we explore FIVE key principles we all need to remember when life gets tough and we are facing our darkest hour...



Here's the highlights:

  • [[3:35] Here are five principles to remember in the midst of a crisis: #1 - Get rid of excuses: get rid of the reasons why something won’t work and start thinking of the reasons why it WILL work.

  • [5:05] #2 - Set a goal on something that we can change: Determine what success would look like. There are things that we can take action to change our experience. Set a goal on something that we can have maximum impact on.

  • [7:22] #3 - Do the little things well: Mastering the fundamentals, like respect and speaking kindly, is an important thing to do during a crisis moment. Show up and do things consistently.

  • [9:30] #4 - Help other people: Always remember that someone is in a tough position like you. If you see yourself in a good condition, don’t hesitate to help others. Reach out to lighten their load; do things to help however small they can be.

  • [12:10] #5 - Do not forget about JOY: In a crisis, one of the first things to go is joy. When it feels like the universe is against you, one of the easiest things to let go of is joy. Having a good or positive attitude may help you to stay up-beat on your situation. Don’t forget your joy because joy is your greatest strength.


"The willingness to show up changes us,

it makes us a little braver each time."

- Brene Brown


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