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How to understand and develop a Growth Mindset

March 22, 2021

In the last couple of episodes, we talked about building success from the inside out—building a business, a life with a mission. And our core message was: you can find happiness and make a positive impact in the world if you align your action with the core identity. Episodes 049 and 051 have been all about having clarity on the internal parts of yourself—we did the Wheel of Life activity and Traveling through Time.

But for this episode, we will take a look at mindset. Mindset is KEY to allowing that core identity to either flow out and be effective, or not. Mindset is the way we understand and process the world around us. It shapes the decisions that we make and is a critical factor in determining our success. You might have done the work on identity and have a clear idea on who you are called to be. You might have even worked with a coach to develop a smart Lifestyle Strategy to realise success - BUT - if you haven't optimised your mindset, you are operating with a limited capacity to succeed.

I have a dedicated course teaching the four different types of mindset (Perceptual Positions, Growth focus, Happy mind, and Optimised mind). It called the Dangerous Minds course.

Check it out here

Today, I want to focus on the growth mindset. So let’s get into that...

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Here's the highlights:

  • [7:40] Growth Mindset – a different perspective on intelligence. People with fixed mindsets believe their intelligence is fixed—either good at it or not.

  • [8:44] A fixed mindset says “effort is for those who lack natural ability.”

  • [9:25] Growth Mindset sees challenge and failure as an opportunity. Losing hurts but it can be a catalyst for your growth.

  • [10:13] Growth mindset takes inspiration from other people's successes. You are not threatened by other people's success.

  • [11:03] People with a growth mindset have effort, practice, and success follows consistent and diligent effort.

  • [11:15] “Ego” stands against a fixed mindset. Our ego’s job is to look good, be right, and to know. Our ego is a part of our brain that doesn’t want to make mistakes.

  • [12:20] Avoid ego to achieve a growth mindset.

  • [12:44] Aspect for growth mindset: “living above the line”- meaning taking ownership of your life; having accountability and being response-able.

  • [14:05] You're listening to this because you have a calling and purpose and you want to be successful in that.

  • [15:20] Action Steps to living up your purpose: Take the Lifestyle Design Quiz, Accept my invitation for the MX04 coaching program, Take 5 minutes and write about what is the area that you want to see change.


"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed."

- Michael Jordan


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Dangerous Minds

>> Lifestyle Design Quiz

>> Episode 049

>> Episode 050

>> Wheel of Life Activity

>> The Power of belief by Eduardo Briceno

>> Mindset - Changing the Way You Think to Fulfil Your Potential by Dr. Carol Dweck

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