Preparing our kids for the future

February 26, 2021

Today I'm giving you a special insider-pass to my session at the Australian Homeschool Summit! I’m releasing it today instead of Monday because I want you to be able to get in and get the special offers before they come down.

This week I presented alongside a 37 other thought leaders in education.

My presentation was a future-focused look at trends in technology, politics, the workforce, and education. How do you move from feeling wary and uncertain about homeschooling, to confidently taking advantage of this opportunity and thrive in the dynamic world of the 21st century?

IMAGINE - no longer having to beg, bribe, or plead with your kids to engage them in their learning, but rather it becomes something they WANT to do! And the connection, joy, and fulfillment that we all want - that just becomes a natural part of the process.

Passion-based learning can make it happen.

Be sure to check out the support links I mention in this episode:

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The Lifestyle Design Quiz

MX90 Coaching program

Launch Your Passion Project - for residents of NSW to get my help setting up their homeschool program

...and of course, Project Space

Listen up and grab this amazing opportunity!

Here's the highlights:

  • [11:21] 3 Major Reasons for Rethinking Education: World events - how they are shifting life as we know it. Commentators - what people in the know are saying. Policy Drivers - governmental reviews into education.

  • [12:20] The way we do education and the way we do life should always be in sync with each other.

  • [13:23] In 2020, we witnessed a huge shift in lifestyle—one is decentralizing work. People who thrived during the pandemic are creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative people; people who see opportunity instead of a threat. And this is the type of thinking or skills that are not taught in mainstream education. The pandemic was the catalyst to implement changes thought about for the past decades in education.

  • [15:15] Jane Gilbert's Catching the Knowledge Wave: reframing how we view knowledge in the 21st century.

  • [16:32] This day's access to knowledge and exploding supply of information meant there's no single purveyor of knowledge. But as homeschoolers, what we need to be teaching is how do to find that knowledge, how to apply it ethically and responsibly, and how to work collaboratively with each other to turn a traditional way of knowing into new knowledge.

  • [17:49] Knowledge has changed but the need for wisdom is as dire as it has ever been.