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Reflecting on creativity and success

December 21, 2020

2020 is almost over just like that! And we're down to the last episode of the year!

It's been a tough year with lots of challenges! But the greater the challenge, the greater the triumph. And through those challenges, we've been able to look at success from different perspectives, chat with amazing people, and get brilliant insights into how we can turn adversity into success.

I couldn't think of a better way to wrap up 2020 than an inspiring conversation with one of Port Macquarie's most respected talents, Tim Maddren!

Tim has had a long string of successes in the creative arts. He played roles in Peter Pan, The Rocky Horror Show, The Addam's Family, Fidler on the Roof, But he is probably most well-known as a former member of the children's group, Hi-5.

Tim is an authentic family man and an inspiration to so many other parents, educators, artists, and young people. We're lucky to have him in our community!

In the past couple of years, he and his wife founded their own production, Got Ya Back, here in Port Macquarie not only to share their craft but also to mentor young people. As well as teaching them performance, they've been helping kids acquire real life-skills to help them thrive in this challenging new world. Creativity is the key.

On the podcast you'll hear all about their most recent project featuring local artists

The Christmas Bell - A Moment for Us All.

It is such a pleasure to share the successful life and art Tim has been consciously creating with his integrity, social responsibility, and with passion and purpose in our final episode for the year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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Here's the highlights:

  • [04:10] My life in Blenheim (as a kid) was very free. Growing up in a very small town, we were creating stuff all throughout. And being able to create something from nothing is what set me going in life.

  • [06:52] Hi-5 was the easiest training for becoming a performer. We had our ups and downs but thanks to Hi-5 for the real training and the experience to be able to help kids and even adults.

  • [11:52] We were run and managed by experts but we were at the eyes. We were the ones who saw what these albums were doing in different countries, for different people. We were there. And that made us so passionate about it. But it also made us take our responsibility strongly. We made sure we're sharing the heart of Hi-5.

  • [13:31] I learned that it's about having fun but also looking after people, having social responsibility, and improving humanity. I took these seriously in Hi-5 and apply them in my own business now.

  • [14:27] We've honed these productions (Got Ya Back Juniors) to be less about trying to build great performers. But more about giving children a space to feel comfortable, to grow their confidence, and to find friends.

  • [17:37] With the Got Ya Back Professional Productions, we highlight the talents of the individual, build a team, and then build a show. We make sure that the environment in the rehearsal space is always kind, respectful, and comfortable—make them feel that they have a voice. And then the fun comes in.

  • [20:04] Got Ya Back exemplifies project-based learning. You don't necessarily teach them how to be themselves but create an environment where who they are on the inside can come out. You have to be you. Focus on what's great about you.

  • [24:01] Personally, the meaning of success has changed. Now, it is about being able to see my kids grow up as good human beings, having a happy marriage, and feeling that I am able to put something into the world that benefits people beyond me. For the kids that I work with, success is seeing them find friends and a sense of belonging.

  • [27:59] The Christmas Bell - A Moment for Us All: A real Aussie Christmas celebration. We've been through hard times, but it could have been harder if we hadn't worked together as a community. We are blossoming, just like the Christmas Bell. We are surrounded by charred trees, but we're moving forward and we're beautiful.


"It's better to have a thousand enemies outside your camp than one inside your camp."

- Tim Maddren


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