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Starting your business right

November 30, 2020

Success is such a rich concept.

There's are so many different facets to it!

I think when people hear the word success, they think immediately of fame and material wealth and what the media portrays as "successful" - and yet EVERYONE who comes onto the podcast, when asked, 'what does it mean for you?', describes a much deeper, richer, holistic version of what success is.

Success is about abundant living, tapping into that core piece of you are and who you're created to be, and living life to the full based on that.

For many of you, I KNOW that a big part of that abundant life is finding a business or work environment that aligns with who you are on the inside - and for this, I'm happy to be chatting with Jade Weller.

Jade is the founder of JadeStart Consulting. She helps people validate and launch their business ideas leveraging her diverse background in sales, law, accounting and a variety of experience in business. She's been recently nominated as a finalist for Women's Finance Awards Mentor of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year, and is one of our very own Luminosity Stars from 2019. Jade is a young woman doing really great work helping people connect with their 'WHY' and build a business that aligns with their purpose.

If you are someone who doesn't want 2021 to be a rinse and repeat of previous years (um, I think that's everyone?) AND you're the sort of person willing to take ACTION to realise those dreams - then be sure to download the great resource we've put together called 10 Questions You Ask Before Quitting Your Job.

Also, if you're a bit stuck and unsure yet with your 'WHY', then taking the Lifestyle Design Quiz will help. It will generate a free personalised report that outlines your strength profile, your focus for growth, plus provides coaching questions that will get you much clearer about your core purpose.


Here's the highlights:

  • [02:53] The Younger Jade had an unconventional route. Started working at 16. Enjoyed earning my own money but felt unfulfilled and only realized what I really want to do at 24; went to Uni at 27 and graduated at 30.

  • [07:14] At a really young age, I learned lots of practical stuff in business, the kind they don't teach you in school. By the time I came back to school, I already had an upper hand over everybody else in class because I've learned all those nuances that nobody else knew.

  • [08:08] We create our spaces as we go through life.

  • 08:48] You've got to be ready to pivot in life. Don't be so rigid with your plans. There's nothing wrong with being 'the slash' (as Brene Brown puts it); you actually add more skills to your belt and being able to create a bigger impact.

  • [10:19] Always keep an open mind challenge yourself that what you believe is actually possible. The further we go in between that forced learning environment, the more our minds start to close off.

  • [11:43] Prioritise your time. Try mapping out your week: start with your non-negotiable tasks then the things you want to do for the week. Organize and choose the ways you spend your time.

  • [16:04] JadeStart: Identify and understand your WHY or purpose. Learn about business market niches. Validate it and take it from there.

  • [18:58] Having a legal background in business is really helpful--in issues around trademark, tax, insurance. But more than just knowing the laws, it's what you see on a day-to-day basis that actually gives you the exposure.

  • 23:34] Success is very individual. For me, it's really important that I'm always living up to my potential. Being a person of influence—be ble to use my knowledge and skills to influence and help others achieve what it is that they want in life.


"Whenever you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else."

- Marie Forleo


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>> Lifestyle Design Quiz


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