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The reason for the hope that I have

November 23, 2020

Last week on the podcast I was chatting with an old friend from uni days.

And yesterday I turned 45.

It makes you think. Reflect. Life is such a gift.

Today I'm sharing a key moment in my own story and the 'why' behind what I do.

Blueprint Life Coaching, Blueprint Life Academy, Blueprint Youth Programs and this podcast all have one purpose in mind. To maximise the human experience.

I am constantly blown away by the amazing potential that exists in people, and as a coach, it's my role to help bring that out. Your stories are at the centre of this podcast because, for me, it's about celebrating the vast richness of success that we find in all sorts of other people's stories. The nature of a coach is to draw out the gold and help you reach your full potential. But how did I get here?

There was one decision more than any other that brought me to where I am today - and that's the story I want to share with you on the podcast today.

The reason I still have hope in my life; why I believe there's something greater for me that I'm willing to take risks to pursue; the reason I have the confidence to go out and connect with people; the reason I feel I have something to offer to support other people in their own journey; the reason I started Blueprint Life Coaching.

Here's my story, if it inspires you in any way - be sure to take action to make it real for you...

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Here's the highlights:

  • [03:12] I loved going to school though I was never great at school. But my parents gave me the greatest opportunity: helped me develop a growth mindset. They continued to believe and have hope for me.

  • [03:56] I took school as a competition. I loved those first years at the University. I enjoyed being out of home. But most importantly, it gave me experiences that led me up to my life now.

  • [06:48] I grew up believing in God and wanting to be a Christian but I found myself one day sitting inside a church struck with hypocrisy from sitting inside a church but not really have anything in my heart. So I tried coming to church with friends which gave me an overwhelming experience of God's presence in an unexpected way. From then on, I explored what it means to be a Christian and live by the spirit.

  • [15:33] From the book James: Consider it pure joy whenever facing trials of many kinds because testing of your faith develops perseverance. And perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking in anything.

  • [16:25] Reading James came alive to me in a way the Bible has not done before. It's all about practical living. If you got faith in your heart but you don't actually do the works, then you're not really living for God.

  • [17:54] Teaching opened up a new avenue for me to do what I always wanted: to support other people in their lives and impact their lives. The combination of design, education, and life coaching has blended together now and created this person I'm called to be. And I was able to do that by living with my heart.

  • [19:26] I talk about success here because to me, that means living a whole-hearted, abundant life. The Bible verse that came later that forms the foundation of everything that I do here in the Blueprint: "The thief only comes only to steal, kill and destroy; but I (Jesus) have come that you may have life and have it to the full."

  • [19:56] Living life to the full means finding who you're called to by God. Discovering who is that person inside of you, and having it come alive through a connection with the Holy Spirit and from there, taking action to live it out. THAT is living the abundant life. THAT is life to the full and it brings glory to our creator.


"Success is living a whole-hearted, abundant life.

That means tapping into the call of God on your life and taking action to live it out."

- Andrew Lord


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