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Try not to panic - Part 2 - 10 tips for overcoming mental health challenges

November 16, 2020

Hello and welcome back!

If you haven't yet caught

Try not to Panic - Part 1 - 10 tips for overcoming mental health challenges - then you need to do that right now! (I promise you'll be glad you did!)

Today we're concluding that conversation and shifting gears to talk with Mark more about scaling success through education.

Walking me through his years of experience, we explore definitions of success on his journey of healing and teaching others. Mark shares how he came to recognise moments that need correction, and some of the crutches he's used and seen other people resort to whilst trying to battle the pressures of life.

Mark definitely has a vast bank of wisdom to draw upon, with smart principles that you can apply in your own life - especially if you work in the education space. He has put these all together in a collaborative document that supports these 2 episodes — 10 tips for overcoming mental health challenges.

Make sure to share this episode and the downloadable freebie to people you know who might be needing support!

Let's get back into Mark's story...

Here's the highlights:

  • [04:03] No need to analyse everything in your life. Sometimes rubbish days are just rubbish days. A quiet time for yourself helps.

  • [04:26] Success for me is having a happy, quiet life. A simple version of happiness. But it's a different picture for everyone. I'm still figuring out what that is to me. A lot of success is borne of failure. Almost everything I've ever learned is borne of failure.

  • [08:45] Education has to evolve. It is a continuing process. There's no barrier for kids to access information now.

  • [20:17] We sometimes underestimate the things kids undergo these days. Kids have a sense of isolation; some say this is a generation of loneliness. We need to be more adaptive. To expect one person to deal with 30 kids with all of that is just impossible.

  • [22:23] I went through the same scrolling for hours on the phone; that's why I get it with teens. You can't just put off your problems through this medium. It's a super-efficient way of taking yourself out of yourself, but not in a good way.

  • [23:48] Try not to tap into something that feeds off your anxieties. Try to disconnect. Try activities like walking. It's like a reset.


"Everything of value I've ever learned has been born of failure."

- Mark Glover


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