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What to do when life gets a little chaotic and crazy

September 21, 2020

How do we keep living the maximised life when things get chaotic and crazy?

I'm totally exhausted this week! We've had so many programs launching this week - but I want to help you understand what I do as a life coach when I see these weeks coming - to make myself more efficient and not allow the pressures of life to steal away my joy and peace.

How do you stay centred on your core purpose when life starts to get overwhelming?

Our tendency is to back away from self-care, to play the martyr and serve everyone else but ourselves - I mean that's what you've got to do right? This week I want to show you how looking after yourself in these crazy times is an essential first step to success AND I'm going to give you a proven framework to show you how to do it.

You don’t have time NOT to do this.

Believe it or not - overwhelm is simply a state of mind.

Motivation is the opposite of overwhelm.

Let me show you how to connect with your purpose and get motivated for success!

The GVFD Framework that we’ll talk about today is a free document that I made for my paying clients but I want to share it with you now along with this podcast to say thank you.

This episode is also sponsored by the Lifestyle Design Quiz—a free online quiz that gives you a free personalised report with a bunch of coaching questions. These coaching questions will help you identify your signature strength, focus for growth, and get clear on the ways that will help you focus your energy and stop getting overwhelmed. Remember: You need to invest time in yourself. When you're feeling overwhelmed, that is not the time to abandon self-care.

Let’s get started...

Here's the highlights:

  • [03:53] Creating space for peace. You need to put value on your own mental health. Understand the positive purpose of mental fitness--not just about making you feel good but putting you in a state where you can be more efficient and effective.

  • [05:32] Overwhelm is based on perception-- it's a state of mind.

  • [05:59] Unloading stress can or cannot be healthy. There are ways to unload stress in a healthy way.

  • [07:10] Create space for gratitude. Gratitude is a choice. Being grateful empowers you to perform at your best in those tough situations. Gratitude primes you for positivity and positivity allows your brain to function at a higher level. Positivity helps connect us to our purpose and to be more productive. It also helps improve our motivation and innovation.

  • [10:05] Create space for creativity. Genuine synergistic win-win solutions require creativity. Divergent thinking, which means thinking all sorts of solutions for one particular problem, is an aspect of creativity. It's a learned skill.

  • [13:02] Create space for vision. Reconnect with your WHY. Motivation evaporates fast without a compelling purpose. Vision primes your brain to find solutions.

  • [16:11] Create space for alignment. Do your actions fall in alignment with your vision and purpose?

  • [18:14] Create space for planning. Creative solutions require diligent implementation. Leadership is innovative and inspiring. Management is diligence. We need to have both. Leverage your strength, work on your weakness. Planning allows you to pre-make decisions when possible. Without planning, your brain capacity is consumed by context switching, which is using a part of the brain just for moving from activity to another.

  • [24:45] The GVFD Framework: Gratitude - ask what are you grateful for about the world and yourself. It trains your RAS (Reticular Activating System) to notice or not notice things. Notice the things that you could be positive for. Priming yourself for positivity, you start to improve your capacity to handle problems.

  • [29:33] Vision - Success is... (write what is success for you!) Feel so much freer, satisfied, and comfortable by knowing that you're heading in the right direction and that you're not wasting your days.

  • [33:01] Focus - There will be some things in your to-do list that you want to achieve today--that would be your big rocks. Choose your three big rocks. If you get them done today, then today is a successful day.

  • [34:36] Debrief - Reflect on your success at the end of the day. It's important that you acknowledge even the tiniest step towards your vision for success. It's infinitely better than no step at all. Success doesn't happen in one day, it happens with small, consistent wins stacked on top of the other.


“Reasons get results.”

- Jim Kwik


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>> Lifestyle Design Quiz

>> Simon Sinek's Finding your Why

>> Shawn Achor's The Happiness Advantage Audiobook

>> Shawn Achor's The Happiness Advantage

>> Limitless by Jim Kwik


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