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A Blueprint Hero success story

September 14, 2020

Today I'm bringing on a former student, Suzanne Wood, who went through my Passion to Profit course earlier this year. We had an awesome group but when Covid hit we suffered a 60% drop-out rate, many struggling to make the transition online - but Suzanne survived! More than that, she thrived!

Sue is a mother of four boys but also has mentored many other young people on journey - well before she was ever calling herself a coach. She has been involved in the children's and youth ministry of the Grace Church in Port Macquarie and taking people into her home for many years.

She always wanted to see a change in her community but I'm sure she'll be the first to admit, there were a lot of loose ends in her vision early on. When we met and she poured out her heart about what she wanted to create, I thought Passion to Profit is going to be a good fit for her and she ended up being one of the stars, a part of the Blueprint Heroes group!

Suzanne was able to turn a live, in-person workshop into an online experience that in-turn opened a bunch of other opportunities. She exemplifies the results that can be achieved when you combine a can-do attitude, willingness to learn, and doing the work with the right coaching support. Suzanne is a real deal—she's just getting started on her business journey with Built to Shine but that in no way makes her a novice in terms of what she has to offer.

I love helping another coaches create impact. This helps me to reach MY mission - to co-create 10,000 success stories. I realise it's a big number so working with other coaches who I know will pay it forward makes a lot of sense.

Talking about impact and the ripple effect of coaching, don't forget to check out our free new coaching program—the MX04 Coaching Series. It's a super fast and effective way of giving yourself a boost right when you need it. I'm giving it away for free because I know it will help me in my mission of co-creating 10,000 success stories.

Let's get into the podcast...

Here's the highlights:

  • [06:13] My teaching qualifications were 30 years ago but my life experiences helped me be successful with coaching. Suzanne's training is not in the traditional sense but a training of life: by being available, hospitable which gives her the opportunity to be herself in the process, flow in her gifts, and show up.

  • [08:41] Kingdom Business (from Episode): In God's economy, nobody loses. Sue is exemplifying that in living her life. Her flow, starting in identity and ending in taking practical action, is the recipe for every coaching and learning process; it's the blueprint for success.

  • [10:04] Built to Shine: My dreams were quite large. Through the course Passion to Profit, it was narrowed down to something achievable but also something that could go on as a business past the course. It's an introduction to getting people to stop and reflect on where they want to go.

  • [12:02] Success for people I work with: They're are doing what it is they're good at and passionate about. They're living life in a healthy way; they're enabled to participate in life and not just watch it. Success for myself: To be able to participate in life and not just watch it pass by. To be proactive in what I do.

  • [15:27] One of the goals set was to do it for one. It was important for me to actually have a goal. But we ended up with 5, an unexpected result. A lot of relief from a lot of hard work put in. I don't celebrate well but it's good to see what I've done was worthwhile.


Success is participating in life

and not just watching it pass by.

- Suzanne Wood


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