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Discover the life shaping potential of the Project Space program

August 24, 2020

Here on the Blueprint, we're all about discovering new models, strategies and practical actions you can take to unlock your success - it's all about helping you win!

But what about your family? What about your kids?

Without a coaching framework in place, we will always, teach, mentor, parent the way that we've been taught. That is unless we make a conscious choice to change...

The education system is the same.

We'll always just do it the way WE were taught - unless we see a better, smarter way, and make a conscious choice to do something differently...

So, today I'm walking you through how to confidently deliver a life-shaping, project-based learning experience in just 12 weeks!

Last episode, you got a live tour of a special event called Showcase.

Wasn't it amazing!

Well, Project Space is where all that begins...

Project Space is a 12-week program that helps you to perfectly position your child for success in our rapidly-shifting world. Now more than ever, education has to change and we have to do things differently to help our kids learn the important skills they need to thrive in the 21st century - and trust me, they're not what you think!

This is a complete guide to help you get amazing results with your child and without any of the usual nagging, pleading and uncertainty. It’s about making sure that our kids are enjoying the learning experience and providing that essential neurochemical cocktail that their brain needs to help them learn.

We’re launching the final season of the Project Space program for this year, cart opening September 7th and we’re looking forward to getting our new class started on the 21st!

If you and your child are ready for a new way to learn - it's time to listen...

Here's the highlights:

  • [3:57] The world has changed but education has not. It’s the same structure and fundamental ethos driving that structure. If you want to set your child up for success without the conflict and stress, your child needs a personalised learning plan driven by their goals and interests.

  • [5:03] Your child has what it takes. We have to believe in them. They just need to learn the right skills and to connect with the right people to guide them.

  • [5:25] Project-based learning will help you create a happy and more engaged learner, build grit and character, to position you as the guide and not as a teacher, and ignite the spark for future choices.

  • [6:56] But the process to deliver that project-based learning experience can be complicated and can go off in different directions. You must have a structured coaching framework.

  • [8:41] Kids switch off to learning for these major reasons: (1) Kids are not meant to be machines. The model of school does not cultivate creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making. (2) Cold, standardized and non-personal content. (3) Low expectations reinforcing a fixed mindset. (4) Underestimating the complexity of a new program.

  • [16:20] Secret to creating happy and engaged learners: Built on creating a satisfying answer to the question, “why am I learning this?” It’s not about instructing them; it’s about coaching children to become their best. 

  • [17:58] Coaching children to success is a process of understanding identity, building on that and working on mindset, building strategy and habits.

  • [18:40] Project Space: A complete framework to guide your child on a new personalized, project-based learning adventure. Module 1: Getting Started. Module 2: Who do you think you are! Module 3: Facilitator’s Guide. Module 4: Planning the Project. Module 5: Showcase. Module 6: Reflection and Celebration.

  • [24:26] BONUS 1: The Get Inspired Guide. 3 Project Ideas to see what’s possible. BONUS 2: Dangerous Minds Course. Lifetime access to a course dedicated to Mindset work. BONUS 3: Weekly Live Q&A. Support for Project Space mentors.

  • [30:12] Enrol today and get: Full access to Project Space ad the 3 Bonuses for just $497 or $169x3months (instead of $2,141)


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

- Albert Einstein


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