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It's all about perspective.

August 7, 2020

If you enjoy this interview half as much as I did, then you're going to be VERY blessed indeed! My guest today has shared the stage with the Dali Lama and Tony Robbins, he's battled through incredible adversity and come out the other side with a perspective that can help us all to embrace the best of life and achieve success.

Today, we're talking with the truly inspirational, Michael Crossland. He is one of the strongest, gutsiest, hopeful people I have ever come across. He is a hero of faith, hope and love - a man of courage whom I admire greatly.

I first met Michael back in 2014 when I got the chance to listen to him at a school presentation. He shared about his life and the struggles that he's faced (which you'll hear more about on the interview) and how he walked away from a highly successful corporate career to design a life of meaning and passion and purpose. Here I was feeling stuck and unable to bring about change in a system that desperately needed it and Michael was able to breath hope into my heart and give me the courage I needed to take the bold moves I would make over the next few years to realise my dreams (you can read more about my story here).

Since then, I've seen him talk at a bunch of places - at small corporate gatherings here in Port Macquarie to national TV. He's a guy who just wants to help others. He's spoken to more than 600,000 people from all walks of life and different backgrounds - juvenile detention centres, 9/11 victims, business people, elite athletes. He's the real deal and his story is mind-blowing - which is why I'm super excited that he's sharing some time with us here at The Blueprint!

Michael is a man who gets up every day determined to get into the arena, to live life to the full, and to make life better for others. He really does epitomise the essence and energy of success that we're all about exploring here at the Blueprint.

Prepare not just to be inspired but also hear Michael's winning formula and recipe for success!

(Oh, and he has an exciting, brand new special announcement too!)

Let's listen...

Here's the highlights:

  • [05:15] We all have a story. We all have pain, suffering. But it's not the adversities in our lives that define us, it's how we deal with it. My problem is not so different from others, but my solutions have been. That's been able to empower me and live a really fulfilled life.

  • [06:35] Outside of love, HOPE is the most powerful word in the English dictionary.

  • [08:34] For a time, I was driven by the 3Ps that destroyed people--power, privileges, and possession. I chased what I thought was success; I chased what I thought was gonna give me happiness.

  • [09:10] I got to a point where I didn't want to fight anymore; I wanted to quit. But I realised what I need to do is master only two things: the gift of giving and learning what success was. I know now that success is about how big my heart is, not how big my house is. It's about knowing in your heart that you can make a difference in somebody else's life.

  • [09:36] Gift of Giving: The more you give without expecting anything in return, the more you receive.

  • [11:50] No one in your life can ever tell you what you CAN and CAN'T do. It's your choice whether you want to listen to the negativity that might surround a circumstance or situation in your life. As long as the person that stares at you in the mirror believes in you, we can achieve, live, and lead a remarkable life.

  • [12:24] 4 Steps to Achieve Greatness in Life: Visualise what we want to achieve. Believe it. Act upon it. Achieve it. I still don't think "I've made it." I always strive to serve as many people as I can. I don't want to leave a legacy. I want to live into my legacy-- creating a long-lasting, life-changing impact globally. I want to live the earth better than when I found it. If we all have that vision, this world would surely be a beautiful place.

  • [14:14] The life we complain about is literally a dream for some. I needed to act upon it. That's when we started the charity and orphanage. To be able to see these beautiful kids achieve some really remarkable things regardless of the adversities they continue to face is inspiring. I went over there to make a difference in somebody's life who would never be able to return the favour but I could never give these kids what they have given to me. I could never teach these kids as much as they have taught me.

  • [17:58] My mum is my ROCK and inspiration. She's one of the most courageous people in the planet, with an unwavering commitment and determination to fight to save her little boy's life regardless of what the world was saying.

  • [19:20] Getting the chance to walk in my mum's shoes: I realised that it is so much easier to be the one lying in the bed than the one standing next to it. It has been one of the most incredible life lessons. I renewed an amount of appreciation and respect for carers and for my Mum.

  • [20:10] When we get in those times of absolute fear, pain and desperation, we finally begin to prioritise what's truly important. And it's important that we don't wait until it's too late before we decide to change and appreciate the little things.

  • [21:47] Fear is false evidence appearing real. Your head needs to be where your body is at. The only way we actually feel fear is when we're not living in the present, we are fearful of the future. Stop worrying about what might be tomorrow and stop regretting what could have been yesterday. Rather, start appreciating WHAT IS now.

  • [22:38] Everything is going to be okay. We have to evolve, pivot, shift, and embrace change. When you look at it from an optimistic, resilient perspective, it gives us the ability to understand that now is the time for the world to reset, for us to reflect on what we have and begin to appreciate the finer things that we have taken for granted for so long.

  • [24:47] The more negative news we consume, the more negative impact it has on us. The subconscious mind is so powerful. The words we speak and hear register on such a deep level. Your daily routine is key. Starting the day with exercise, clarity, and appreciation and ending it with appreciation is a powerful tool to empower us to take control of our lives.

  • [27:50] Everything will be OK: Hopes to inspire a lot of people and leave a legacy. Every cent will go to charity to serve more people.

  • [29:32] Through great darkness is our discovery moment. We do not discover how unfair life is, rather we discover how powerful we have been created. Right now is the opportunity for that. We must embrace the coolness of the shadows for us to truly enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. Get out of bed every single day and do something that your future self will be proud of.


"Everything is going to be okay. We just have to evolve, pivot, shift, and embrace change."

- Michael Crossland


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