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Empowering the youth voice

July 27, 2020

In one of our episodes last month, we were lucky to have Marianne from the Posify group. And today, we’re blessed again to be able to catch up with the other half of Posify, her sister, Jenna O'Connell.

Jenna has done so many things - a teacher, a career counsellor, and so much more. She describes herself a proud "multipotentialite".

Echoing some of the work we do here on The Blueprint, Jenna is passionate about working with young people and helping them cultivate their purpose.

Jenna candidly shares how she struggled through primary school with low-level dyslexia but this didn’t stop her from exploring every open door she has found along the way. Jenna is the youth ambassador and the program coordinator for Dyslexia Mid North Coast and has presented at numerous forums. She also supports and advocates for the School for Life, an organisation dedicated to improving education outcomes for Ugandan children and youth.

In this podcast, we are again unpacking some deeper ideas around success in the context of empowering young people to speak out and listening to their collective voice about how they want to see their world shaped. You'll find out more about getting involved in their newest initiative on the episode.

A key part of Jenna's story is "wayfinding" and dealing with feeling lost and out of place. If you feel like that (or you know someone who does) the BEST action item you can take is to check out the Lifestyle Design Quiz. Taking this will help you identify your strength profile, focus for growth and a maximised life coaching process to live an abundant, whole-hearted life.

Now, let’s get into the podcast!

Here's the highlights:

  • [07:42] There are people who know what they would like since a kid. The world doesn't have to full of multipotentialites just as it doesn't have to be full of specialists. What makes beautiful teams and coaches is when you have a combination of both. Finding what fits for you and trying not to fit into boxes is really important. Don't be afraid to look at the doors that might open up around you and give yourself an opportunity to explore those.

  • [09:42] I see these big things that I want to do but I can't see a pathway for them. We must create the space and acceptance for people to be okay with not knowing yet and to take it step by step and where we allow ourselves to evolve into what we want to do.

  • [11:43] When we can understand purpose, we can become passionate about our work as opposed to feeling the pressure of needing to follow our one passion or make one choice on our career.

  • [19:25] Community forums are important in fostering the collective consciousness or the power of the third brain. It fosters conversation and authenticity, inspiring younger people to collaborate more.

  • [22:10] Success for Young People: The next generation has been really driven by the concept of making a difference and making an impact. Success for them is seen to be starting to evolve and become connected with purpose. But there's a lot of fear around defining success because they're creating this ideal world and a hypothetical of what success looks like but they're not yet able to see the connection of how to make that happen in their own lives.

  • [25:52] There's so many tools for parents today but these tools come with responsibilities. Key advice: Just be open to the concept that the traditional view of success is changing. Be open to change, remain flexible, and educate ourselves on what the future of work is looking like and start accepting that. But come back to what it is that you really want for your children-- to be happy!

  • [28:31] Change is difficult and humans are innately designed to cope with change well. So being kind to yourself and having self-compassion in the process of parenting is an absolute necessity. Practice space parenting. Keep the optimism alive especially during tough times.


"When we can understand purpose, we can become passionate about our work as opposed to feeling the pressure of needing to follow our one passion or make one choice on our career."

- Jenna O’Connell


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the first step!


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