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Dealing with the pain we face in life

July 20, 2020

To be honest I'm a little bit nervous about what I'm going to present today.

It's not a popular topic. But what matters most to me is seeing you WIN - and to do that we've got to dig into some messy places.

Today we're going to be talking about pain - and the positive role that it can play in our lives.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time wondering 'why'. Why do we have to feel pain? Pain made no sense to me. It had no positive purpose as far as I could see, and when I was experiencing it I felt that I was being punished or had somehow made some divine mistake. For most of my adult life and parenting years I thought this way, even questioning my faith at times, but as I began to look into the lives of others as a coach and here on The Blueprint, I began to get a handle on it.

I know you might not want to hit that play button this week - but I really encourage you, IF you are dealing with any painful situations at all, then this episode might just provide the perspective you need to see past the clouds and get you taking positive actions that will move you forward and out of the challenge faster than you otherwise would have.

Doesn't sound like the best topic for a Monday morning, but you might be surprised.

The resources and ideas that you'll find here will actually help you come out feeling positive and empowered and ready to take on the world!

Here's the highlights:

  • [03:04] If we do nothing, then we get nothing. If we stay sedentary, we lose the muscle tone that we've got. Conversely, if we do sustained overexertion, it's also going to damage our body.

  • [06:05] Make sure that we set attainable goals and that we check in on the ecology of those goals.

  • [08:18] Pain is our body's natural response to tell us that we are coming close to its natural limitations. When we're feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable and some pain, that is okay. It's not okay when it's sustained for long periods of time.

  • [10:19] We need to listen to this pain, be aware of it, but we don't let it control what we do. We just sit in that place; it will be a little uncomfortable, but we don't push ourselves so hard so that it will not do any damage.

  • [11:53] The narrator of our life orchestrates struggles and challenges within our lives. Because unless there's a struggle, there's no victory. Unless you have adversities to overcome, then you can't prove yourself as a winner. These are what allows us to shine.

  • [13:58] Compassion and Pain. In our new program MX04, we unpack compassion. It tells us what matters. We all have something we're called to do. And we have to know and understand what it is. Compassion helps us identify it and point us in the right direction.

  • [17:16] By unpacking how we're experiencing pain, we can begin to see its positive purposes. 


"Unless there's a struggle, there's no victory. Unless you have adversities to overcome, then you can't prove yourself as a winner. These are what allows us to shine."

- Blueprint Life Coaching


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