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Making positive, empowered lifestyle choices

July 13, 2020

Kate Golle is a proud wellness warrior, a mumma of 3, freedom business coach, health advocate, lover of life and a dream chaser!

I got to know Kate through a private Facebook community that she started with her husband Anthony called Empowered Lifestyle Revolution to empower people to make informed medical decisions including (but not limited to) choices around vaccinations. In a climate of genuine concern in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, the group grew rapidly and now has more than 42,000 members! Their message is simple - life is what you make it, so make it!

In just a few months, the group has already empowered hundreds of men and women to make conscientious choices for their own health and wellbeing.

This is not their first time coaching men and women in the Lifestyle Design space by any means! Dreamlifestylers, Tribal Wellness Movement, the Empowered Woman's Project, the powerful documentary Overfed and Undernourished and the book Raising Healthy Kids in Unhealthy Times are all testaments to Kate and Anthony's commitment to helping others live life to the full.

Kate has so much knowledge and experience but is still has down-to-earth, humble quality; always learning, always willing to share, and always striving to make her life and those around her better.

On this episode you'll hear Kate also talking about the importance of lifestyle balance and how success is not just about health, money, or any other sort of number but a much bigger story than that. If you feel the same way, then I encourage you to kick start your own personal Lifestyle Design journey with the Lifestyle Design Quiz to help you get clearer on what matters most to you and break down for you the maximised lifestyle design process.

Here's the highlights:

  • [02:56] Family for me was really important. I grew up as a farm girl, something I would love my kids to experience as well-- quality time, learning from elders, experience being in different places. And being always a curious one. These shaped a lot of who I am today.

  • [04:39] Anthony almost died of meningococcal. That really shook our beliefs around health and wellness and opened the doors to the path that has now become our passion in life. Health was always something important but that moment opened our eyes so much more.

  • [06:43] Overfed & Undernourished: Our practice in the personal development space and chiropractic practice always had us playing with the idea. There was not really a master plan but there was faith and trust.

  • [09:09] When we're constantly chasing those things that are the usual measure of success in order to be happy, there is often a gap. We're either achieving to be happy or happily achieving. And that comes from looking at all areas in our lives. Success encompasses so many things and facets of life. Always be excited to learn and grow in all areas.

  • [11:18] The film and book were a work in progress for five years. But consistency played a key role.

  • [13:01] Empowered Women's Project came about when I was feeling that I'm looking out for everyone except for myself. Doing what I love is one thing, but the business aspect is another. I felt like I was busy but empty. This made me realise that a lot of women are feeling the same way-- that gap of doing everything for everyone else but rarely valuing themselves and giving themselves the opportunity to grow and always dream.

  • [16:27] It's not what happens to us but it's the story that we tell ourselves what's happening. Sometimes we hold on to people's beliefs and opinions of us that we allow that to run our present and that stops us from moving forward.

  • [18:08] Each kid has different sets of values and interests and if we're not communicating with them in their values, they're not really interested in what we're talking about. By teaching them in their values, it's not a push to have them try and learn these things.

  • [19:46] Empowered Lifestyle Revolution and Academy is a community where people can share their frustrations, ask questions, without being judged; about respecting people's choices, and giving space for people to feel out what feels right for them.

  • [22:35] There are so many ways to approach health. The body is incredible and has the ability to heal itself and we just need to give it the right environment, fuel, and nourishment in order for it to do so. We just need to give it a chance to thrive.

  • [26:53] Managing the community: First, recognise that we couldn't solve everyone's pain and challenges. So what we teach them is managing their mindset.


"The body is incredible and has the ability to heal itself. We just need to give it the right environment, fuel, and nourishment in order for it to do so."

- Kate Golle


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the first step!


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