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Unlocking your success using neural programs

June 29, 2020

A little while back I attended a special online presentation called "Activating Your Assignment - Sabotage or Success?" and the presenter was Simone Leslie, a Master Neuro Strategist, who I'm excited to say, is today's guest on the podcast.

She really blew me away with how she could break down really powerful concepts! And I knew that this was going to be a great conversation to help all of you (and me) keep giving our best and getting the most out of life.

Simone is the author of It’s OK to be Beautiful: Heavenly Whispers to a Broken Heart and has been a master strategist for the last 20 years. She’s also a speaker both with live audiences and on national TV. She specialises in "combining neuroscience, quantum physics, and emotional intelligence, clearing neurological blockages that cause self-sabotage to help people breakthrough and achieve success."

Her success journey has not only been for personal fulfilment, - along with her husband Dave, they’ve founded several orphanages and early learning centres in different places around the world including: Cambodia, Zambia, Ethiopia and Kenya. She uses profits from her book and business to fund these and other social enterprise projects all around the world.

This conversation brings out many fantastic truths. And to be sure that you’ll get all these valuable chunks of information, don’t forget to download the Key Takeaways Guide that you can use to take action.

Here's the highlights:

  • [3:56] I had a colourful background. I kinda grew up thinking if my parents do not really love me, I must not be worthy of love. This led me to what I do now.

  • [6:55] At my breaking point, I asked for God’s help and answer-- watching metaphors unfold, teaching me to accept myself as I was. I realised I had to love myself perfectly imperfect. And as I was trying to find out what was wrong with me, I studied neural programming. Instead of finding what was wrong, I found what was right with me. The way out of the swamp is understanding our identity.

  • [11:18] Neural programs are like the train tracks that we run off in life. The core identity neural programs work on positive affirmations for us to relay the steps towards our desired destination. BUT it has to address the root cause and not just the surface level.

  • [14:42] Change does not always have to be a long and arduous process. One way to address the neural program is Top-Down-- from consciousness to unconsciousness.

  • [15:55] Address the neural program right at the root cause-- going straight to the subconscious-- we have to deal with “the lies”. See it for the lie that it is and replace it for the truth, which is actually just another perspective. Change becomes as fast as a revelation.

  • [17:50] SUCCESS is doing what you are created to do, from the perspective of love and joy. The foundation of success is self-love. If we don’t fully accept and love ourselves perfectly imperfect, right now in the midst of the mess, not when we’ve changed or achieved something, we will subconsciously always reject the love, success, and goodness from others. Because we will always think we are unworthy to receive it; we’ll never feel permit ourselves to receive it and its fullness.

  • [20:19] Common themes around what holds people back: FEAR, ANGER and SADNESS. They may present in different disguises. The key is finding the “why”. Every negative behaviour has actually a positive intent. We just need to find a more empowering pathway to get to that end result.

  • [26:33] Three Pathways-- Mind, Body and Spirit-- however you call it, it’s there. Healing the core identity will always involve spirituality, all three.


"Success is doing what you are created to do,

from the perspective of love and joy.

The foundation of success is self-love."

- Simone Leslie


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