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How we can use this season to change the face of education

June 8, 2020

In this episode, we are going to dive again into the world of education.

We can't have a breakthrough in our struggles without learning. Learning is an essential ingredient of success. Education is how we scale learning - and therefore scale success - at least, it should be...

For way too long, 'education' has been about jumping through bureaucratic hoops in order to meet someone else's version of who we should be. Not only do we end up learning a plethora of useless information, but (worse) we develop a mental habit of believing that 'success' will come when we follow someone else's rules and play someone else's game - and it just isn't true!

So we need to discover new ways of how we can make education better for our kids. Not just kids, for parents, educators, and adult learners as well.

It's already happening and you can join the revolution!

Today, joining us are trailblazers also in this field: Lee Hancock and Jason Knight.

Today, using the current crisis climate as a catalyst, we are talking about how we can move into an exciting iteration of what education could be.

Lee Hancock is an exciting innovator in the education and digital space while Jason Knight is a communication and brand guru. They will both share how education could and should be about capturing the key ingredients for success and for empowering people.

Just like our episode with Marianne Power we're going to break this into two episodes.

This episode will be about what's going on now and what we could learn,

and the next episode will be about the solutions and what these two amazing guys think could happen given the massive changes happening around education. This episode is sponsored by the Dangerous Minds course.

Let's get into it!

Here's the highlights:

  • "Success is what has not been for me"-- for Jason, what has not been being following the crowd and keeping the expectations of his schooling. Blending financial freedom, well headed, and family joy is the better definition. For Lee, success is about flourishing. Stopping and challenging what the world is telling what success is.

  • Education is much more than knowing things. It's having the wellbeing and resilience to get you through the tough times. With now bad news coming from all directions, all the more we need an education that nourishes positive psychology.

  • Education has to adapt to new things. It's no longer about 'head stuffing' but developing skills to help you what you need and solve problems. In education, your job's never done, you always strive to learn more.

  • In business, if you don't shift, you don't exist. Your day to day can now be assisted with technology, if not automated. This streamlining can be done in education.

  • Risk management in education upscaling. Don't be afraid of failures. Reflect on them and look for opportunities.

  • Social Media combined with Learning. "Snacketized" learning so we can digest every bit of it. The traditional manual is so out of date compared to the way we consume information from the newly available platforms.

  • During this time of Covid19, most are back to step 1 but people are learning a lot and faster. There are setbacks such as lack of social interaction but there is a lot of success too.

  • Lee's Top 10 Apps. Videos revolutionise learning.

  • As teachers, our role is still to curate the direction, help develop critical thinking.


Resisting change is like holding your breath. Even if you succeed, it won’t go well.

- Lao Tzu


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