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Positive Practices for your Mental Health and Wellbeing

May 25, 2020

In this very challenging time, looking after our personal well-being and mental fitness is of paramount importance.

This is a 2-part podcast sharing the insight and knowledge of Marianne Power - an expert in the field of positive psychology and one half of the dynamic duo from Posify Group.

Marianne is a fountain of knowledge and very passionate about what she does, and together we unpack the essential ingredients PLUS some very practical strategies for maintaining a healthy mind in these difficult times.

In this episode, Marianne shares her story and how Jen and her have synthesised their skillsets to allow Posify to do amazing work and have a powerful impact in the community. We also explore this current season and the opportunities for growth that are available in this season.

(In the next episode, she will be sharing the top positive practices and strategies that are most essential in keeping a healthy mind - be sure to subscribe so you don't miss that!)

During these episodes, you will hear about our Wellbeing Poster Series - a self-awareness resource that you can stick up at home, in your workplace, or wherever you are going to stumble across it and take some simple steps to optimise your mental health and wellbeing.

Let's get into it!

Enjoyed Part 1? - Click here to listen to Part 2

Here's the highlights:

  • [3:30] Marianne and Jen as sisters is what people get now and back then too. Friday afternoons were a bit different as they play-pretend teaching. Playing around the idea of what education could look like showed their love of learning, curiosity which brought them to what they do now.

  • [5:37] POSIFY really came up from the process of finding what they want to share-- answering the question of what makes for a meaningful life. Inspired by the work of Simon Sineck, Posify came as ‘possibilities exist if and when we uncover our why’s'.

  • [7:40] Posify is really about recognizing possibilities and opportunities. Reaching out to what matters the most and living a meaningful life.

  • [8:34] SUCCESS comes back to what makes for a meaningful life. Learning from the work of Michael Steger, meaningful living involves these aspects: story (how we shape experiences), values (tapping into relationships), and the sense of purpose. Use Kristin Neff's Compassion Scale. Tap on the ability to look at our own suffering with a sense of mindfulness, self-awareness, and common humanity rather than cynical, skeptical thinking.

  • [12:07] ABSOLUTELY, there are opportunities. But say HESITANTLY, to deeply acknowledge the hardships of a lot of people at the same time. This is the perfect time to talk about exponential impact AND meaningful living and purpose.

  • [13:45] Use dialectical thinking to try to have ‘this’ AND ‘that’; to take advantage of opportunities but also being mindful of the sufferings of others and ways that we can be of service to them. Acknowledge hardships and show compassion but also celebrate the chance to look deeper and redesign our lives.

  • [17:30] NOW is the time to create. Do not be scared to say ‘wrong thing’. Conversations are spaces for challenges. Our brain has a natural ‘negativity bias’ but be aware and mindful of the physiological symptoms to direct yourself to pause and reflect.


“Despair is believing that tomorrow will be

exactly the same as today”

- Rob Bell


Links mentioned in this episode:

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>> Posify Group

>> Simon Sinek

>> Kristin Neff

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