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Inspiring Us All to Dream Bigger

May 18, 2020

"How do I dream and achieve bigger than the ordinary?"

"Do I have to be ‘special’ to be successful?"

I think we can all relate.

Many young people have these questions in their mind and most of us have walked into adulthood with these same doubts clouding the back of our heads... only to resurface whenever life calls us to 'step up' and go to the next level. These same fears come flooding back in and we are reminded just how inadequate we feel. It's that same feeling of doubt and being an 'imposter' that keeps us playing small.

Today that can change.

Meet Liz Volpe. One the top female entrepreneurs in Australia but also a leader in the social impact space who has helped spark inspiration among young people all over the world.

Listening to how someone like Liz share how she spent much of her formative years lacking confidence and not knowing what she was meant to do or how to go about doing it, can reassure us and inspire us all to question our own limiting beliefs and inspire us to step up despite our doubts and fears.

Liz shares how her journey started and went, managing to start her own company at a young age of 22 to discovering the world of social enterprise and redefining her success more in terms of 'impact' than 'things'.

This podcast is an important story for RIGHT NOW. A lot of uncertainties are yet to unfold around the COVID19 crisis. But Liz shares her own experience in shifting her business to actually turn challenges into opportunities.

Liz is the real-deal entrepreneur. I know that her story is going to inspire YOU to dream bigger!

Here's the highlights:

  • [3:00] Liz’s journey as an ‘average’ teen but with fire to try as many new experiences led her to extraordinary success. Starting with a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, the struggles and challenges all contributed to attaining her dream.

  • [5:14] Find the things where you can build your confidence to pursue your dream. Find the joys along your journey. It may not be as simple as ‘following your first love’; life and career can be a roller coaster ride.

  • [7:47] Listening to and exploring different life stories and career paths while young can be a great help in considering and forming one’s own journey. Their messages are a powerful tool for personal development.

  • [9:32] Project Gen Z: a passion project impacting kids in Cambodia to become entrepreneurs of their own and to change their lives. Teaching kids to Dream Big is a life-changing journey for the entrepreneurs, too.

  • [15:03] Shifting Crisis into Opportunities: Turn on the creative minds to find ways and redesign programs and even expand the reach. For entrepreneurs, coping with changes means looking at possibilities and openings amidst difficult situations.

  • [16:38] Success is IMPACT, especially to the lives of young people, it gives fulfillment and happiness.

  • [19:07] Mini Dreamers and Game Changers is a program to form a growth mindset and prepare young people to engage and start a business. Printables and monthly workbooks helping children and young people develop critical thinking and other vital skills.


“Despair is believing that tomorrow will be

exactly the same as today”

- Rob Bell


Links mentioned in this episode:

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