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My top 5 video resources that EVERY parent-educator needs to see.

May 01, 2020

Normally, I’d be showing up to do this on a Monday – but this week is extra special because next week – on Monday, I’ll be kicking off one of my presentations at the Australian Homeschool Summit.

In just a couple of weeks, we've increased from just 5% of families who choose to home-educate in Australia to nearly 90%! This really is an UNPRECEDENTED change in how we live our lives. But for the people who are presenting at the Summit (myself included) we’ve been doing this for a long time.

Which means for years I've been studying what it means to create and deliver 'life-inspired' education - and TODAY I'm going to share with you FIVE of my biggest inspirations.

Maybe you’re planning to send your kids back to school as soon as the doors open?

OR maybe you’ve kinda liked the experience of spending more time with your kids and developing a NEW NORMAL?

Either way - it doesn’t matter! These 5 videos are going to inform and inspire your outlook on the best way to coach and educate your child into the future...

Here's the highlights:

  • [5:15] Ken Robinson’s “Do Schools Kill Creativity”: Simple but powerful views on education and what we need to do to reform it. THE most-watched TED talk of all time. Ken’s book, The Element, also talks about finding your core passion and finding that ONE THING that is going to make you come alive. Knowing that ONE THING is a powerful piece of knowledge that can change your life.

  • [6:47] Logan La Plante’s “Hackschooling”: A young mind challenging the traditional notion of a career-defined life and replacing it with making choices for happiness. A down-to-earth, heartfelt talk that offers wisdom and common sense to parents and educators who want to redesign the learning experience for their students.

  • [8:03] Eduardo Briceno’s “The Power of Belief”: Puts Carol Dweck’s philosophy simply and unpacks the difference between Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. It challenges a lot of underlying principles used to structure schools and youth programs. A great start to understanding the power of a Growth Mindset and ways to develop it.

  • [10:17] Matthew Winkler’s “Hero’s Journey": It’s not just a talk but a teaching tool. It is based on the work of Joseph Campbell’s book – The Hero with a Thousand Faces. It captures the full spectrum of emotions, challenges, and adventures that we go through as human beings. Priming kids (and adults) with the right attitude and the right perspective on adversity by positioning them as a hero in their own story, can radically transform the way that we approach challenges.

  • [13:17] “Most Likely to Succeed”: A full feature documentary that captures the need to think differently about education in a rapidly changing world. Click here to see the trailer


“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday,

we rob them of tomorrow.”

- John Dewey


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Australian Homeschool Summit

>> Dangerous Minds

>> MY TOP 5 TED TALKS that every parent or educator needs to see

>> Ken Robinson’s “Do Schools Kill Creativity”

>> Logan La Plante’s “Hackschooling”

>> Eduardo Briceno’s “The Power of Belief”

>> Matthew Winkler’s “Hero’s Journey"

>> “Most Likely to Succeed” Trailer


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