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You've got to know your WHY

April 20, 2020

You've got to know your WHY

So many questions right now. So many unknowns. What's going on? Will I loose my job? What restrictions will be next? Am I safe? Are there opportunities for me in this time?

I get it. There's a lot of uncertainty. A lot of change - and that makes people uncomfortable.

But ONE THING hasn't changed.

Who you are - and the Call on your life doesn't change with the seasons.

Sure it builds and grows - but at it's essence, it remains constant.


In this podcast, I want us to focus on KNOWING YOUR WHY.

In my business, I've needed to make pretty urgent shifts too. And being sure about why am I doing what I’m doing has a lot to do with my capability to decisively take a pivot and adapt to changes.

Everything around you may change but never loose sight of the fact that you have the seeds of greatness within you. New opportunities are waiting for us - both right now with this crisis AND at the other side - and being sure with your WHY will light the path to get you there.

Here's the highlights:

  • [2:25] Discover WHY and reorient your business and perspective. As a life coach, courses and business have to change, too, as things get tough. But one thing stayed the same: the need to discover my WHY. What motivates you? What keeps you standing?

  • [4:20] History will identify people who have thrived amidst this situation. The challenge is what makes the difference to you right now-- Attitude. Mindset. Adaptability by knowing your identity.

  • [6:10] Life will be different at the other side of this challenge. And it’s inevitable that you will be different as well. The time is gonna come for our moment to emerge.

  • [7:40] Build inwardly while pushing the fear on the other side. How and what will emerge out of you will depend on you finding your WHY.

  • [8:30] Simon Sinek’s TEDtalk Finding your WHY: forming vision and finding your why is embedded in our brains.

  • [9:20] My WHY is about living life in its fullness. Create impact through education. Change the social script for students and kids and parents. Help those who choose to build inwardly and create a condition for self-development.

  • [11:25] Your WHY doesn’t have to be a massive thing; it can be simple. It takes time to find your call and your ‘why’. But inside you, there are seeds for greatness. Finding your why can also be a spiritual process. A life coach can play a critical role in one’s journey of discovering that.

  • [14:55] Reflect on these questions and write about your call: Imagine you are at your 80th birthday party, what do you think people will get up and say about you? If you can go back to when you were 10 and you look up to a 20-year old mentor, what do you see that 20-year old mentor doing? Say you’re sitting down with a book about someone who has had a powerful impact in the world, what would you find inspiring to read

  • [18:10] Coronavirus is changing the way we live. Our actions have to shift too. But your mindset and core do not actually change in essence. Take the time to revisit and sense who you are because that will be your bedrock in moving forward.


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" Your WHY doesn’t have to be a massive thing; it can be simple. But inside you, there are seeds for greatness."

- Andrew Lord


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