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Success is sooo much more than money...

April 6, 2020

Are you emotionally fit and healthy?

Today's podcast is for all the men out there (and the women who care about them!) who know they're called to a fit and healthy expression of manhood but feel that society sometimes is pulling you in the opposite direction.

We are grateful to have Matt Defina of The Man Cave share his experiences digging deep on issues concerning men’s mental health and well-being. Inspired by his adventurous childhood, he shares some of the amazing work he's doing at the Man Cave for young men and boys and tackles how creating safe spaces matters in men’s behavioural development.

Some might say he was 'bred from birth' to be a super 'Men's Mental Health Ninja' 😉 😂

- but as insightful as he is, Matt views himself as just an ordinary guy with struggles like everyone else.

This is a powerful interview where the Head of Programs for one of Australia's most innovative and up-and-coming providers of preventative mental fitness for young men opens up and offers vulnerable, heartfelt insights for life that we can all benefit from...

Here's the highlights:

  • [10:15] Upbringing with adventure gave me the confidence to go out and trust myself. Anything is possible if you really want to create it.

  • [12:45] Upbringing with a space to speak my mind and the mindset that emotions can’t be avoided to process situations. Feel it and talk about it.

  • 16:27 Build a well-rounded belief in yourself. Exposure to adventure gives us connection with nature and belief in yourself. Being around nature can be terrifying at times, reminding how fragile we are, but also makes us realize how much we are part of nature. Challenge yourself to overcome fear and develop self-efficacy.

  • [18:25] Dedicating myself into training to get results one can never fake pushes me to be honest and take off the mask that we wear everyday, tapping onto my purpose and expressing it openly to the people around me.

  • [21:55] The Man Cave is a space for boys to talk about what’s going on in their lives. Talking about the things we struggle with or taboo will never make us any less of a man. It’s Iiberating.

  • [27:40] Man Cave in Big Picture: Success is when young men and boys have the courage to be themselves, have the tools to share how they’re really been going, live with purpose and maintain healthy relationships to contribute to their community. It’s not about throwing out all the masculinity but embracing more of their humanity.

  • [30:10] Overcoming Challenges: I know what my heart and soul wants but the hardest part is putting it into action and trusting that it’s going to work out. Trust in the universe.

  • [35:30] Integration vs Balance. Striving for integration is striving for everything to come together. Start with caring for yourself to be able to look out for others. Live with purpose but lessen your burden by taking less significance and meaning out of things.

  • Visit THE MAN CAVE


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" We don't want the boys to throw out all the masculinity but embrace more of their humanity."

- Matt Defina


Links mentioned in this episode:

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>> Lifestyle Design Quiz

>> Get in touch with The Man Cave


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