An unexpected turn of events...

March 24, 2020

Wow - that was fast!

Boy how things can change. This week there wasn't going to be a podcast because I was going to be presenting at the Australian Homeschool Summit. The Summit has been postponed, but almost overnight it seems that there are literally hundreds of parents wanting resources and advice on how to best manage this challenging time.

Let me help you.

Over the coming days this page will grow.

For the next 5 days I'm going to be sharing my 5 secrets to create an engaging learning experience that will revolutionise the way you and your child both think about education forever! Each day on the podcast I'll be adding a new idea on how you can do this and giving you access to practical downloadable resources, video lessons and links that can help you on this unexpected adventure!

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Now, just to be clear, I'm NOT putting out cookie-cutter worksheets or baby-sitting style activities that are designed to keep your child 'busy' - there's plenty of that out there already. Just Google it.

No what I'm offering is MUCH more than that. This is new approach to learning that can better prepare your child to face the complex challenges we face in this modern world (yes including COVID-19!)

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"This season is not just a time to survive,

but a life shake up can present us with

a great opportunity"

- Andrew Lord


  • Rapid shift in a short space of time: This is not just a time to survive but a season when things get shaken up-- a Kairos moment; an amazing opportunity to rethink everything we do in the midst of our situation. Make positivity VIRAL in the midst of climate of fear and negativity.

  • DAY 1 - IDENTITY. Understanding the identity of your child. Parents are the best positioned persons to do this. Identity needs to be the bedrock of education. Start here. Explore IDENTITY Activities below.

  • DAY 2 - MINDSET. Attitudes and beliefs that shape our actions, control our choices and therefore, control our success. It can be taught. Learn the 5 key areas of Mindset-- perceptual positions, happiness and positvity mindset, growth mindset, the optimised mind and the call.

  • DAY 3 - LEARNING ZONE. Finding your child’s flow channel is finding the perfect balance between Challenge and Mastery/Skill Level. Give them plenty of choices but push them a bit into the uncomfortable zone. Coach your child with a rich task but engage them child in the process; negotiate challenge levels.

  • DAY 4 – COLLABORATION. Inspire a more positive and proactive learning experience with a coaching circle. Start with a check-in mindfulness exercise. Set goals to encourage accountability.

  • DAY 5 - AUTHENTIC LEARNING. History of education tells us why our kids are trained to conform, obey and follow orders by the routines and a lot of other things done in the traditional school. Access to information has changed our times, lives and societies. Learning happens for the rest of our lives.

  • Rethink, redesign learning; take a different attitude to education NOW with Project Space. Get support in creating a system, structure and a complete coaching framework for your children to drive an engaging learning experience that changes the way you both think about education forever.

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