Thinking beyond traditional boundaries in education and life.

March 9, 2020

Freedom in learning. Freedom in life!

In today’s podcast, I’m talking with a mum who has not only discovered a powerful way to motivate and inspire her kids in their learning, but also built a heart-centred, lifestyle business.

Meet Kelly George. When I first connected with Kelly, she was hiking the Te Araroa Trail across New Zealand with her beautiful family of five and her husband Daniel. That's the kind of adventures that they've come to know as 'life' as they live it on their own terms.

Kelly is what some might call a 'life-hacker' - her life as a mother and wife drove her to think of ways to create an income without giving up the benefits of time with family and in the end it was her experience in homeschooling her own kids that paved the way.

She applies a refreshing pragmatism and courage that cuts across the traditional assumptions that keep most of us locked in our 'social script'. Her business, Fearless Homeschool gives her the freedom to live this amazing lifestyle but also allows her to support hundred of other families doing the same!

In this sincere but practical interview, Kelly shares her unique insights into education and thinking outside the education (and social) boxes we all seem to get stuck in.

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Here's the highlights:

  • [2:37] Habits and Rhythm. People think that it’s pretty random and it’s all about freedom and we just do whatever we want to do all day. But we have found that having habits and rhythms means we get all the essentials done without wasting all that hit space.

  • [4:15] Discovering Home Schooling. We know we want someone to be at home with them but also send them to school because that’s just what we do. Our experience with our children made us start to think about it. So we tried and saw the benefits, and that’s when we really became a parent.

  • [5:52] My background is basically about being at home with kids. If I can do this, anyone can. We don’t have any sort of formal qualifications, we just made our life our goal.

  • [7:15] Mindset for Home Schooling. Jobs or not, frugal but self-sufficient, to have both parents spend full time at home was so fantastic.

  • [8:26] Making it Work. After 12 years of being home then needing to have a job, it was such a shock. But that and to keep having the freedom, home schooling made a lot more sense.

  • [12:39] Working backwards with Home Schooling. Our culture of lifestyle deferral makes us leave the things that we actually like as after-thoughts. With home schooling, we start with the interests, then build the life around it.

  • [14:20] Focus on your strengths. Learning happens fast, deep and effortless when you start with building on your strengths.

  • [16:243] Know your purpose. What are you presenting to the world, what are you bringing to the world and why are you doing it is the message you bring to your work. You don't always know that to start with, but eventually it will kind of unfold. You don't have to know it all ahead of time you discover it.

  • [17:50] Continued learning for people who have considered or are doing home schooling—resources, inspiration and experiences in one Online Summit.

  • [20:23] Rest, tie loose ends, recharge. Wait and see. No need to plan too far ahead. Smaller goals with bits and pieces to finish can work a lot better.



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"We just made life our goal"

- Kelly George


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