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5 keys for living with health and vitality

February 10, 2020

Are you living the abundant life?

In today's podcast, I'm chatting with a good friend of mine, a man who I think has cracked the code and is actively living the abundant life.

I'd like you to meet Terry Powers - a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist (not a bad resume, eh?) Together with his brother Leigh (plus the other family members always floating about) they run Powers Health.

Terry has passion for helping people live at their peak - the way God designed for us and he treats people for every ailment you could imagine - from allergies, to muscle strains to behavioural disorder to grief and loss.

Along with all of this, together with his wife Vinny, they are raising a beautiful family.

She is also a passionate health advocate, sharing the benefits of Doterra Essential Oils with her clients and his older children have now graduated their school education to pursue psychology and music (see the links below for Bianca's new single)

Terry's unique approach to life and business has inevitably raised some eyebrows and he shares some insights about facing challenging people and opinions in this episode.

You know I love helping you to take action! So, as a bonus I've used the content from this episode to create a free downloadable resource:

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Here's the highlights:

  • [11:22] Have the right attitude. Even in the etymology, attitude relates to aptitude. Challenges and obstacles will always be there. How do we form our attitude in the presence of a negative opinion that is very firm is what makes the difference.

  • [13:21] Be open to accept challenges. While challenges are often seen in a negative way, it helps to hone and make you reflect what's real and what is the purpose of why do things you do. You can get smashed on people's negative thinking but sometimes it helps to frame right.

  • [14:10] Recognise and learn from mistakes. Don't get stuck on negative beliefs. We probably have done it a few times recognise it learn from it.

  • [15:21] Keep educating yourself. We are all human we all want to do well. I have not met any people that wanted to do badly. We all want family to flourish, things to be good. I am not limited, that I am not ruled by the concept but rather empowered by it.

  • [15:46] Discipline. Anything great requires discipline. It requires physical, mental, emotional and sometimes even spiritual hard work.

  • [16:03] Have the right mindset. Think right and you will see the possibilities.

  • [16:08] Find your motivation. My biggest motivation is always my family. This what keeps me going. Finding what makes you tick and what makes you awake at night and jump off the bed is what will keep you inspired.

  • [16:243] Know your purpose. What are you presenting to the world, what are you bringing to the world and why are you doing it you is the message you bring to your work. You don't always know that to start with, but eventually it will kind of unfold. You don't have to know it all ahead of time you discover it.

  • [17:14] Pain can be beautiful. It's the pain that shifts your perspective sometimes. Everything has a purpose.

  • [20:52] Alignment. We find the flow when things are lined up,

  • [25:02] Listen to what the body is telling you. Once you start to pay attention to it you start to notice things that are good for you. Our body knows what's good for them. Diet is important same as .regular exercise - stretching, strengthening, cardio-vascular exercise.

  • [27:36] Take time to reflect. It doesn't need to be hours. Taking time to pause and to know yourself well helps you improve your overall well-being.

  • [29:46] Seek help. Help is available. Don't be afraid to do that. There are people who can help you and work with you towards helping you living your best abundant life!


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"Attitude relates to Aptitude.

As humans we're connected to something that's bigger and has a purpose. Once you hook up to that purpose that's beyond you, that's when I think that things will start to fall into place and flow properly."

- Terry Powers


Links mentioned in this episode:

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>> Lifestyle Design Quiz

>> 5-day Health & Vitality guide with Terry Powers

>> Blood On Your Shoes - on Spotify - by Bianca Powers

>> Book online with Terry Powers


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