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The ONE THING that has improved my productivity more than anything else

January 27, 2020

Ever feel like you're not good enough?

OK – today we’re digging deep into The ONE thing that has super-charged my productivity more than ANYTHING else. This one hack that has completely changed my mindset which in turn super-charged productivity – and that is… overcoming perfectionism.

I KNOW that if you're here reading this blog or listening to a podcast about models of success and abundant living then you are a 'high-achiever' - someone who always gives there best, holds themselves to a higher standard and refuses to settle for ordinary - am I right? I also know that that personality type (trust me I know because I'm one of them) also means that the demon of 'perfectionism' and 'not good enough' is NEVER too far away whenever you are trying to achieve something great.

In this podcast, you'll how I have overcome it.

How even in the midst of Project Space, Dangerous Minds, Passion to Profit, Young Hero's Adventure Quest and MAXIMISE Coaching clients, (not to forget being a husband and a father to 5 kids) - I'm able to subdue the insidious demon of NEVER GOOD ENOUGH that threatens to sap my energy and cripple my productivity.

Grab a pen, a notebook and let's set up your mind to win!


Here's the highlights:

  • [12:41] Concept of "doing B minus work". What I mean by this is that whatever your best is good enough and we can always improve on it tomorrow. But for today, be happy with the best that you have given.

  • [12:48] Element of gratitude. Being thankful for what you have been able to give the world, because you’ve done your best.

  • [13:22] Be generous to yourself. I started being more generous with myself – I also started to be more generous with the people around me as well.

  • [13:43] Find your balance. I WANT to strive for greatness – we all need to keep striving to be our best.BUT when we do, and when that best falls short of some arbitrary standard then we HAVE to extend generosity and love to ourselves and say “you are enough” “tomorrow things may be different – but today that’s enough – ship it.”

  • [14:29] Make it visible. you need to send it or submit it or print it or publish it or post it – or whatever you need to do to make yourself accountable and when you do, you get feedback, you learn, you grow and you improve.

  • [14:45] It's not all about perfection. - "It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be shared." (Nikki Elledge Brown)


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- Andrew Lord


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