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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (with Ellie Bell)

December 20, 2019

If you were unstoppable, what would your life look like?

We live our own individual lives everyday. We have our family, our regular job, or usual routine. The question is, is this really what we want to do in life? Do we feel happy? Are we all fulfilled? When was the last time that you have fearlessly went out of your comfort zone and chased after your dreams despite that little voice in your head saying that you can't do it? We all want change but at the same time we fear change. We want to become better yet we're too lazy to do what it takes to improve.

In today’s podcast, I am talking with Ellie – from Ellie Bell Coaching – who specialises in helping people with transformation and change – and I’ve got to say – she’s made some big brave leaps in her own life before becoming a life coach!

Ellie's journey is an inspiring story about how she left her corporate job in the UK and moved to New Zealand to be with the man of her dreams and start a family. Along the way she has uncovered her passion to help others as a life coach . On the podcast she'll share the Wheel of Life tool and talk about her free e-book "OVERCOMING NEGATIVE BELIEFS". You'll also hear about Thrive After Sport - a coaching service that she started with her Husband Matt to help athletes transition out of a career professional in sports.



Here's the highlights:

  • [10:35] Acknowledgement. Realising that she's not happy and breaking down why that was and asking herself tough questions is the very first step in her process of getting to where she is right now. She took time to understand her beliefs how it affected her and her values. How she's sabotaging herself.

  • [11:06] Identifying what is good for her. She focuses on having conversations with good people who sparks her interest. That honest, wonderful conversation and not the one that stresses her where she'd feel spiraled in life again and overwhelmed about life.

  • [11:37] Exercise is a key. She relates how science explains the release of endorphins that trigger positive feelings and release stress. Ellie knows when she needs to have a good long walk with the dog and when to have a good cup of coffee with friends.

  • [11:59] Lifestyle balance. Embracing transition and change. One thing that she's learned is the "Wheel of Life" where she uses this tool to help her clients. Wheel of Life has is a holistic approach with 8 different categories and understanding each one of them is a good place to start where the focus should be. It's important to look at the different areas that you can actually identify which ones need help and understand they are all completely intertwined. You can't really have it all. finding what suits the individual and your non-negotiable. (Take the quiz to find out your own focus for growth)

  • [15:25] Reset. What can we do to create a sold foundation to make change.

  • [16:19] Keep on going. Even doing one little thing each day makes a difference. We just have to keep going and keep doing.

  • [16:49] Momentum shifts the attitude.Everyday you have to work on your mindset. It's the number one thing if you want to change. Ellie, like all of us fears failure. But one thing she has learned is that if she doesn't like her thought, she can change it! She has shifted her mindset on failure and continues the ongoing journey to self improvement.

  • [18:59] Self Importance. It's okay look after ourselves, make sure that we are functioning at the highest possible level and that we are finding happiness.

  • [21:51] External influences. Listening to audio books of Brene Brown's Rising Strong and Power of Vulnerability are two of Ellie's favorites. She also work with coaches, and having her husband, Matt who is also a coach helped her so much in her journey.

  • [24:57] Let things be. Somethings you just have to let things be. You can't control everything.

  • [26:06] Always be kind. Good place starts with positive intention. Always remember that once you said something you can never take it back.


Are you happy with everything that's going on in your own world?

If not, why don't you do something about it.

Take your own wheel of life exercise that Ellie mentioned, by doing the lifestyle design quiz - a simple and powerful first step living the life of your dreams. The quiz can be finished in less than 5 minutes and will give you a free customized report to help you understand your key strengths so you know where to leverage your energy and at the same time determine your focus growth. You will also learn the 5 steps I use to take my clients from ordinary to amazing in just 90 days.

Also, don't forget to grab a copy of Ellie's free e-book, "OVERCOMING NEGATIVE BELIEFS"

and once you sign up, she will share her free email coaching series with you - the 7 steps to shifting negative beliefs.


"We are all in our own journey we are going to end up somehow one day. In order to get the most out of life, we have to enjoy the journey. Everyday is different, change is the one thing guaranteed in life. You are a different person today than you were yesterday"

- Ellie Bell


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Blueprint Life Coaching

>> Lifestyle Design Quiz

>> Overcoming Negative Beliefs e-book

>> Thrive After Sport

>> Rising Strong, by Brene Brown

>> The Power of Vulnerability, by Brene Brown

>> Audible

Watch The Blueprint with slides on YouTube





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