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Your World 2030 - Dropping Truth Bombs at the Ignite Conference

December 9, 2019

Challenging the status-quo is hard. Are YOU ready for it?

We grew up in a world where our parents and teachers told us what we need to do in order to reach our goals in life. We were taught to follow the "social script"

– Study Hard,

– Get your HSC,

– Go to University,

– Learn to Numb,

– Get a job,

– Find a partner,

– Get a mortgage,

– Get 2.0 kids,

– Get promoted.

– Stick with it for 40+ years.

– Then retire take a long well earned holiday..

Nothing wrong with this. it is stable, predictable and it will take you where you want to go at some point. We were taught we must follow these steps and go through the cycle. But the world is changing faster than it ever has before. What worked 20 years ago just DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE!.

In today’s podcast, I am sharing a talk I gave a few weeks back, November 6, 2019 at the IGNITE conference in Kempsey on the Mid North Coast - "Your World 2030"

Brace yourself as I drop some truth bombs on the traditional education model and offer some solutions moving forward. It was an exciting event and I loved having the opportunity to present alongside other forward-thinkers and and well-known speakers like Steve Sammartino, Zoe Eather and Scotty Schindler.


Here are the highlights:

  • [18:45] Compassion. Successful people empathize with the people they are called to serve. It doesn't always mean that they have to experience what it's like for the people that they serve but they understand what it would be like to suffer. they willing to give something of themselves to serve. There is strong inner drive.

  • [20:00] Innovation. People that are successful are creative. They can blend different ideas together to generate new solutions. They are willing to make mistakes, break rules including social script and accept consequences. They are brave, willing to stand to what they believe in even if sometimes it means to stand alone.

  • [20:45] Optimism. They are hopeful and positive about the future. They know how to cultivate happiness and a winning attitude. They persevere even in tough times and recognize the positive qualities in others around them and trust that everyone is doing their best.

  • [21:25] Vision. Successful people see and feel their future goals. They spend time to meditate and feel connected to their future. they think logically and strategically how to make things happen. And because of that they manage their resources well – time, money, connections and network.

  • [22:09] Diligence. Successful people are doers. They don't just think about an idea or make a plan, they take ACTION. They don't ignore feelings, they don't push them down and numb them and they also don't let is railroad the plan. When they experience challenges and difficulties, they notice those feelings, they take the feedback from them but they don't put off course by their emotions. They collaborate to get the job done.

  • [22:49] Willingness to learn. Successful people DON'T always have a HSC or a Degree but they are ALWAYS learning. They never stop educating THEMSELVES.


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"The best way to re-create yourself with HIGH market value is to break from the social script and to be yourself!

There is only ONE of you. No one can copy it. No one has your unique combination of gifts, talents and that special quality that ONLY you can bring - and as such you have infinite value."

- Andrew Lord


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Blueprint Life Coaching

>> Blueprint Life Academy - Dangerous Minds course

>> Lifestyle Design Quiz



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