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A Medical Miracle – Meet Roy

November 25, 2019

Have you ever been in a situation when you feel like your life is over? Can you still come out of the darkness?

We all experience adversities in life. A time when you hit rock bottom. As Brene Brown would call it - your "face-down" moment.

There are circumstances that you never think you'll be in. Stuff that you think only happens to other people - not you.

If there's one thing that is assured in this life - it is struggle. Struggle is what shapes us, defines us and ultimately (if we let it) builds our character. When that happens we strengthen and equip ourselves for a better tomorrow. Stronger. Smarter. Braver than before.

Never say die!

In today’s podcast, I have invited a good friend of mine who is an overcomer from some of life's toughest blows. With a broken spine and potentially fatal disease he was told by doctors to go home, make peace with life and to live out the rest of it as comfortably as he could - he was going to die...

Meet Roy – I'm really looking forward to introducing you to a man who has defied the odds and not only survived, but took on an innovative treatment process, recovered, healed and is now an instrumental part of the Adventure Quest program!

So, how did he turn his life 360 degrees?


Here's the highlights:

  • [11:14] Live in the Present. If you knew you only have now to live, how would you choose to live your life differently? In Roy’s experience - his expectation is not going to live long. Can't remember what to expect. He’s on a survival state, like what the doctor told him "enjoy what he can, while he can." he don’t really think of a long term future as he’s told he doesn’t have a lot.

  • [14:28] Being resilient. After having to go through couple of operations and major surgery, he felt relieved. He knew the problem is gone and his first thought is that “He is back!”. There is no interference in his brain anymore and that made a huge difference.

  • [15:14] Awareness. Living in sickness and pain for 13 years you don't think about sickness and pain because all your focus is all about surviving. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute you don't have the ability to think, it takes away that from the individual.

  • [16:14] Making a change. Roy was at his recovery stage when he was volunteering with the doctors and patients at the hospital. And he thought he needed to change and he wants to go work with young people. Prior to his surgery and recovery he's really eyeing at the Youth hub and that time it's still being built. That's why in 2015 during his recovery stage he volunteered working at the Youth hub.

  • [17:40] Need to be more active. When he volunteered for an hour each day, he is walking going to the Youth club and moving around helped him to regain his strength back. He found his balance again.

  • [20:14] Life coaching. With all the chemicals from drugs that went running through his body because of the hepatitis treatment and surgeries treatments, it affected his brain to think negatively and in a very confused state. Its important to have the right people talking to him, helping and guiding him on his recovery. He said that working with someone like me, and the teachings from the life coaching which he's able to practice made a huge difference to his life and helped him head to the right path.

  • [21:31] Find something that reignites your soul and validate your purpose in life. Adventure Quest and Project Space for Roy it's a job that’s not a job. These programs help kids to learn both what they need to academically and in life at the same time. Kids and adults alike are full of life and are happy. The mind is full of wonder turning to be sponge to all leanings that it teaches them. It makes the people accept the other people's point of view and truly it's a fantastic place to learn.

  • [23:54] Turning your mishap into a blessing. Although accident is probably one of the most painful things that has ever happened to Roy, he sees it as a tool for him to see life with a clearer view. It might be the worst but he considered it the best thing that happened for the reason that it shaped him as to who he is today. And he likes what he turned out to be.


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"It's all about today and living in the present.

Your experiences help to shape your mind so that you can have a clearer view of the now. and NOW is all that matters!"


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Blueprint Life Coaching

>> Lifestyle Design Quiz

>> Adventure Quest program

>> Project Space program

>> Port Macquarie Youth Hub

>> Image of Roy by Kaidie McKerrow from The Photo Trail

Watch The Blueprint with slides on YouTube





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