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March 10, 2022

March has traditionally been a watershed month for me.

Lots of my big shifts have happened around this time of year.

I’m wondering is that the same for you?

When I Googled ‘why is March significant’, it all referred to the Northern Hemisphere.

Things like, ‘animals are waking up from hibernation’ (remember Punxsutawney Phil from Ground Hog Day?), and March is named after the Roman god of war, because all the military campaigns that went on hold for the winter, now swung back into full force!

But that doesn’t make sense here does it?

Here, in March, I find energy is starting to wane, and people are simultaneously looking up and asking, "OMG, what happened to the year? How is it March already?!"

All the good intentions that motivated us through January and February have now been spent, and we're left asking “Is this really it? Why am I feeling so empty? What am I missing?"

When you get to that point, you’ve got 2 options.

1) Tell yourself to shut up. Get busier until you have drowned that nagging sense of dissatisfaction with activity. Meaningless or otherwise.

2) Give yourself a minute, take a breath and sit a moment with those uncomfortable questions and to try and find an answer.

We ALL need an answer. We exist in to realms simultaneously. The natural realm (what you can see/smell/taste/touch) and the higher realm (spiritual?). We operate in both. We all need to find our bigger reason, and then a practical lifestyle plan to carry it out. Make sense?

Can you imagine what clear-minded, confident and deliberately intentional about how you choose to spend your time, looks and feels like?

Have you already achieved this? Or is there still elements missing?

This is a season for building inwardly. You can fight it, or you can flow with it.

Fighting means you keep 'spinning your wheels', faster and faster until you either A) burn out and crash, or B) somehow make it through to the twilight of life – 50 or so years later, wondering where it all got spent…

That’s would be a shame. I don’t want that for you.

Last year I put together a series of podcast episodes inspired by my upcoming book (yes, it’s nearly done!) and these were reflective exercises designed to help get you closer to answering those questions. Interestingly, they are all from the autumn months last year!

I’ve put these all together below and created a free downloadable guide – The First 3 Questions I’d Ask You if I was your Coach - to help get your reflections started. I’m sure these will be helpful as the days get shorter and we’re reminded that days are finite. On that guide there’s also a link you can use to book a free coaching call with me if you’d like to take those 3 questions a little deeper.

Hope to talk to you soon,

PS: you don’t need to listen to all the episodes, just one will be enough to get you thinking deeply!


Episode 49

Travelling through time!

Together let's use one of the most powerful resources you have at your disposal - your imagination! Come visit 3 special places that will give you 3 unique perspectives on your own life.

Episode 50

The Wheel of Life Activity

A popular tool used by life coaches all around the world to measure where you at right now in the multiple different domains of life. A great place to start, and to figure out where you'd like to go.

Episode 56

A Quantum Leap Adventure!

I love this one. I was nervous about putting it out there but the feedback has been nothing but positive. It's a very different approach to self-discovery! I hope you like it.

Episode 57

How to overcome the ONE thing that is stopping you from reaching your goals.

Let's get honest - there IS a devil, and he is stopping you from doing your work! Inspired by Steven Pressfield books I'm unpacking the malevolent force of 'Resistance' and how you can beat it!


"This is a season for building inwardly,

you can fight it or you can flow with it."

- Andrew Lord


Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Travelling through Time

>> The Wheel of Life Activity

>> A Quantum Leap Adventure

>> How to Overcome the ONE thing that is stopping you from reaching your goals

>> Book a free coaching call


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